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  1. Correct, my Belgian neighbors are renowned for making great comics.
  2. Can we have a thread about recommended Youtube channels dealing with retro gaming? My personal favorites: Accursed Farms Cannot Be Tamed LGR Nitro Rad Somecallmejohnny Zuvi-Nyan Gaming Civvie 11 Game Sack Gaming Historian The 8-Bit Guy
  3. I have a few friends myself, but sadly not many of them actually give a damn about retro videogames.
  4. It was a good oldschool episode, not too many bells and whistles, just James talking about something he's passionate about while playing his character.
  5. Guess I'll upgrade my copy eventually then and sell the old one.
  6. I still need to give North and South a try, heard it's really fun against a friend.
  7. They're really good looking, but I'd like a genuine one, haven't been able to find one.
  8. I've had a copy of Chrono Trigger for a while, but without a front label because I couldn't afford one with an intact front label a good 10 years ago. Is there any way to obtain an authentic front label or just a cart without the PCB?
  9. That's really unfortunate since I paid an arm and a leg to get a copy, I do remember the game being somewhat boring looking when I booted it up on an emulator long ago. I'll at least give it a go and see if I end up liking it.
  10. Finished Rayman 2, the best thing about it is probably how fun the final boss is. Eyeing Banjo Tooie now since I love Banjo Kazooie so much.
  11. In celebration of RE3 coming out, I've decided to pick up two of my all time favorite games for the Dreamcast. Now I only need to hunt down a copy of RE2 for the Dreamcast and I'll have all three, sadly Dreamcast titles are pretty hard to find in my country.
  12. Playing Rayman 2 for completion, played it when I was a kid, but never finished it before. I prefer Rayman 3 to be honest, but this one isn't too bad either.
  13. Talking about PAL, picked up a German copy of Street Gangs, in NTSC areas known as River City Ransom. No official Dutch version was ever released, so I picked the German version over the French one, and imported myself a copy.
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