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  1. She's a semi well known, erm, spicy accountant. And she does bring people across, it's just nice to have more. If anyone is still interested in watching she's streaming again, but currently eating a take away
  2. For anyone interested, after many technical issues, she's properly live now and playing portal Https://www.twitch.com/pupgamesbadly Although for some reason our Internet is being a dick
  3. Oh, she's used to shit. She lives with me for one
  4. Yeah, she's got a reasonably big following elsewhere, but this is the first weekend stream she's done so she can get American viewers a bit more easily. It'd be great if she has a big audience tonight though
  5. If you have nothing better to do with your Saturday evening, my missus has started twitch streaming and if she can get some viewers on her third stream then that would be awesome. Even if you just follow or leave it running in the background and go and do something else that will help. She's likely going live at about 7pm - 7.30 Word of warning, she isn't the best gamer and some of her habits would best be described as infuriating (e.g. she spends most of her time opening ammo boxes when she plays borderlands etc) https://www.twitch.tv/pupgamesbadly
  6. I opened Astos Playroom and it started working
  7. Finished up at around 105 hours. Straight into NG+, and finished both stormveil and the Academy in about 90 mins
  8. Does anyone wanna give me a guided tour of under Lyndel? Starting from the underground roadside? Can't even fathom where to go and these ogres are pissing me off. Password rllmuk - ps5
  9. just death, also the effect stops if you drop a summon sign and help someone.
  10. What level you at? I did him at 95 or so earlier and he kinda just melted
  11. GD, and invaders around GD, can eat a collective dick
  12. Never mind, did it Here was muggins not using a flask of wondrous physik (sp)
  13. Maybe, it depends when the missus sends me to bed
  14. Nah, I know about that. My reflexes just aren't up to it when fighting the camera - not locking on. Got him about 3/4 down in 3 hours
  15. Does anyone want to drop down a summon at the Fire Giant? Ps5 - rllmuk
  16. I just asked, and the response was 'no list; just things' I think basically she had a break and always ignored Gullivar because, and I quote, 'fuck him', so I think she'd be happy with 95% of that stuff.
  17. My lovely and wonderful partner is having difficulty getting some Gulliver/Gullivarrrrr items and I said I'd ask here. Of particular interest is the Tower of Pisa, but anyone who has spares and is open to making her day I'd super appreciate the help
  18. I got to Angua taking potshots at pidgeons... Complete and utter waste of pretty perfect TV adaption material.
  19. This morning I was on game moments before the bots started pinging. Then Game crapped the bed, 500 errors, intermittent queues, kept logging me out, couldn't view basket, too many items in basket etc. As a hail Mary I cleared my browser cache, refreshed the page. It was in the basket and processed!!! Now to wait for the order to be cancelled for some reason
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