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  1. The Rocketeer One of my all time favourites and one of the best adventure films ever made. Just about perfect. 5/5
  2. Revenge of Shinobi is a game that didn't click with me for a while but once it did, it clicked hard! The double jump becomes second nature after a while.
  3. I don't play any online games at all, it just doesn't interest me. I like local multiplayer games though. Generally there's at least one game from each genre I enjoy but my favourite games are single player adventure games, Metroidvanias, 'clear the map' style open world games, 16bit shmups (that's the sweet spot for me - not too much bullet hell but still plenty of speed and variety) 2d action games (like Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden or Strider) and 2d classic platformers. I tend to get fed up with RPGs before I reach the end and I won't touch any 'anime little girl' type stuff. I once picked up Xenoblade Chronicles for the WiiU and gave up very soon after a giggly, infantilised (but stil sexualised) female character was introduced.
  4. There was a sort of indoor market thing in Yarmouth that had one of these and my mate would often play it. The small cafe in the market didn't even serve beer (you were supposed to win a glass of Ice Cold Beer if you got the ball to the top) but the bloke said he could have a can of coke instead. I don't think he ever beat it. Actually they had a Circus Charlie machine in there too and we'd quite often play that, despite it being pretty old at the time (early 90s).
  5. Here's lookin' at Ryu kid.
  6. All the Yarmouth arcades are like this now. You still get the odd driving game and light gun game but they're few and far between and really expensive to play.
  7. Well I was generalising (and I did say there are probably exceptions) but I still don't think it's a great medium for storytelling. That's not to say, you can't tell a story, just that there are better methods for doing that. I personally didn't enjoy TLOU at all. I found it all rather dull and frustrating - give me The Road (book or film) any day! If I look back on my 40 years of playing games, my favourite moments are gameplay moments, not story moments. Edit - thinking about this some more, I think as technology progresses we probably will get to a point where story telling in games can equal that in film, novels etc. Storytelling in games has improved hugely in the last 10-15 years so, while there's currently no video game equivalent of Casablanca, perhaps one day there will be.
  8. I spent half my childhood in Great Yarmouth arcades. All the big deluxe Sega cabinets were super popular, especially Space Harrier when that first arrived. Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat were something else though. I don't think anything was ever as popular as those two games at their height. I remember when we had Dance Paradise in Yarmouth, headlined by The Prodigy (about 93/94 I think) and Poison spent an afternoon playing local kids at Mortal Kombat. Other games I remember being huge were Pac Land, Wonder Boy, Spy Hunter and Gauntlet.
  9. I'm just not sure that games are a great medium for telling a story. To me, the more a game tries to serve a story (rather than the other way around) it seems the less likely I am to enjoy it (though there are probably exceptions to that). What games really excel at it is putting the player in interesting situations. If they can do that and have the bones of a narrative context, then that's about as story-driven as I want my games to be I think. A good example would be the first Silent Hill game. It has a pretty thin plot, which is really just a reason to put the player in the creepy game environment and give them a reason to explore. I think one of my favourite games, in terms of the way they handled the story, was Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It manages to tell the Monkey legend pretty effectively but mainly through gameplay and in-game dialogue, without too many cut scenes.
  10. I've put this on my Xmas list. I think it looks really fun and I'd get a big kick out of getting a Sonic game for Xmas in 2022 (at age 46).
  11. Yeah, I think the Square Enix store was the only place to get it. I was a bit worried when the steelbook turned up on its own! I wonder if my copy will be wating for me when I get home. Hope so!
  12. My physical edition has been dispatched. The steelbook arrived separately, weeks ago. I'm please to see it's been well received. I've never played the original but I generally like these tactics games.
  13. I don't mind the image but I hate the logo.
  14. I like the look of the new Zelda and AC: Mirage (really glad they're making a smaller game again) and the new Spidey game is a pretty safe bet (hopefully there'll be fewer generic villains and more recognisable super-villains this time).
  15. But the original Megadrive release had the proper Testarossa.
  16. A GBA in the original form factor with an HDMI out, so it can be played on the big telly. That would suit me down to the ground.
  17. A few more suggestions having looked at my games shelf: The Lost Vikings Super Dropzone Equinox Wild Guns Sunset Riders
  18. I was playing a bit of Outrun last night and they've de-Ferrari'd the car. I find it utterly fucking pathetic that they have to do this. I don't think they've just changed the badge either, it looks like they're slightly redesigned the back end of the car. I suppose it's only a minor niggle but surely Ferrari have enough money to allow them to keep it accurate, just for the sake of history? It annoys me that they have to do this just because it's a digital representation. You don't see them CGing the car in rereleases of Miami Vice or Magnum PI.
  19. The Super Scope and the Menacer. Nintendo's NES Zapper and the Sega Light Phaser were both pretty neat peripherals. They worked well and were fairly lightweight and easy to store. The 16 bit versions were monstrosities. Totally overcomplicated and fucking massive. Even though games for the 8 bit guns were quite limited, there were still some decent titles. There was practically no reason to own a Super Scope or a Menacer though.
  20. I don't think anyone's mentioned UN Squadron which must be a contender for best shoot em up on the system. I'd be pleased to see Castlevania Dracula X too. It gets a lot of flak for not being Rondo but it's still a fun game. Top Gear because I quite enjoy these sprite based racing games, even though they're quiet primitive. Since this is all fantasy anyway, I'll add in the SNES mouse and include King Arthur's World, Lemmings and Cannon Fodder and I guess Mario Paint too just because that's what came bundled with the mouse.
  21. Yeah I definitely remember the Sonic comparisons. In fact I had a mate at school who insisted Zool was faster and better than Sonic.
  22. Just in case a licence deal would be possible, I'd love to see X-Men Mutant Apocalypse, that's a cracking game with some amazing graphics! It could be possible, now that Disney owns Marvel (and we've had a few Disney reissues lately). If they could get hold of Batman Returns, that would be awesome too.
  23. I'd suggest Unirally and Super Aleste. Edit - almost forgot my favourite - Exhaust Heat.
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