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  1. Genuine lol at Man of Steel being the best Superman film! I actually think Snyder has some talent and can make some rather cool froth but he doesn't get Superman (or Clark, or Lois, or Johnathan Kent) at all.
  2. I'm kind of hoping that now Burnham is Captain, all the crew do whatever they like and don't follow orders.
  3. This isn't the type of Batman film I think they should be making but it looks pretty good for what it is. Pattinson is a good actor so I'm sure he'll do a decent job.
  4. I've managed to pick up some nice 360 games from charity shops this week: Assassin's Creed 2 Rainbow Six - Vegas Gears of War 2 Gears of War 3 Halo: Reach Halo 4 Prototype 2 Far Cry 3 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Dragon's Dogma All complete in excellent condition. The most I paid for a title was £3. The biggest bargain was for Rainbow and Gears 2 from the YMCA shop - two for 50P. TWO FOR 50p! I was amazed by that! I would've posted photos but the file limit doesn't like them.
  5. Victoria cracking the code was brilliant.
  6. Scream's okay but Final Destination is where it's at.
  7. It's as bad as that time Steven Speilberg glorified the holocaust.
  8. Russell Crowe as The Doctor, played like Master & Commander with a touch of his character from The Nice Guys.
  9. It's an excellent game and does much more with a Mario Kart style formula than any Mario Kart game. Loads of play modes and challenges. It also has some really good track design where it goes from really wide areas, to narrow areas, to alternate routes. I've recently been playing Split/Second: Velocity which is another excellent arcadey racer which came out around the same time.
  10. I really do love the original design but I prefer the squared off nacelles and enclosed sensor array of the 'A' revision. I believe it was originally designed for the aborted Phase 2 series.
  11. Film Series. The thread title doesn't specify TV. I'm just bitter because NCC 1701-A is my favourite.
  12. I'm disappointed we don't get to vote on film series Enterprises.
  13. Have you tackled Bio Hazard Battle (called Crying in JPN) yet? I really llike that one. It has an interesting power up system and a properly creepy atmosphere (great music) but I find it really hard. It has something I always like in shooters - vertical sections in side scrolling shooters (still presented from the side view).
  14. I quite enjoyed this but I thought there were too many characters and the villain was rubbish. The most annoying bit was when the new 007 wanted to reassign the licence back to James Bond. Seriously? I don't think James Bond gives a fuck about admin.
  15. For me I think it has to be my issue #1 of Mean Machines magazine. Like many people, I stupidly threw out a huge pile of old gaming magazines once I reached my twenties. I thought they'd all gone for good until a few years ago when I was looking for something in my parent's loft and found this lone survivor. It's actually a pretty good issue and incredibly nostalgic to read. This came out before I even owned any of the featured consoles (Oct 1990) but I was desperate for a NES. I received the legendary Turtles Pack for my birthday in December 1990 and the Turtles game was reviewed in this very issue (it got 90%). There's also a great review of Super Mario Bros. 2 (89%) which I got some time later and which ended up as one of my favourite games on the console. I ended up buying Mean Machines pretty regularly. It was definitely my favourite magazine of the era. I've since bought a few old gaming magazines second hand but it's so nice to have this genuine article which I bought with my pocket money 30 years ago and then read on the No.8 bus home.
  16. This is one of the MD shooters I don't have and now I'm tempted to pick it up. There are loads of these second tier shooters on the system which are really enjoyable if you give them a chance.
  17. Alundra, PS1. I actually had time to get back into this today. It's been a a few weeks since I've had the time and the head space to get stuck in but once I fired it up I was straight back into the swing of it. That's testament to some good design I think. The reptile cavern was quite challenging but really fun and then the following dream sequence was really quite ingenious. I think I'm 12 dungeons in and there are about 23 in total, so about half way. It's a proper epic! I definitely need the walkthrough though, I'd still be stuck on dungeon #3 without it! I'm playing this on my charity shop PSOne console, which I get a kick from using, despite having a PS2 hooked up full time.
  18. They're referencing Hardware which I think was released around this time. Edit: Here you go... https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0099740/
  19. I'd give The Matrix 3/5 and the sequels 1/5 each. Last film I watched was Netflix's Kate. 2.5/5 There were some really nice looking scenes, the fight choreography was good and I really like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (she deserves better). The story felt very old hat though and twist was telegraphed in about the first 5 minutes. Also - crap title. I don't like these titles which are just the main character's name, especially when the name is so unremarkable. They should have called it Poisoned to Death or something.
  20. This is the first I've heard of this new film and I'm truly surprised anyone actually wants to watch a Mario film. As for Chris Pratt, personal beliefs aside, he seems to say yes to any old shit. And let's face it, he's no Bob Hoskins.
  21. I've heard this said before and I'm honestly baffled as to how it's supposed to be better than the best Connery / Moore stuff. The story is a bit naff. The callbacks to previous films are weird (why does he have Honey Ryder's knife belt) particularly "this never happened to the other guy". The relationship with Tracey is unconvincing and under-developed. There are some decent bits in it and Bond falling in love is interesting but the execution is pretty terrible.
  22. I always think Batman should be portrayed as more muscular than Superman. I mean if Supes can lift a 747 with one hand, what's he using to weightlift with?
  23. I love really simple games with simple controls, made for simple hardware. It still blows me away that really primitive games like Pac-Man, Tetris, Breakout, even Pong can still be a fun and engaging experience. These games are truly universal too. I could teach an 80 year old who doesn't speak English how to play Pac-Man - there's something to be said for an experience that's so accessible. I like modern mega-games too but if someone asked me to nominate a perfect video game I'd be looking at this early stuff.
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