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  1. Thank you! Bells sent. I’ll take a 3rd tomorrow if you can... please!
  2. Thanks for the recipe @Mr Do 71 Anyone have 3x chessboards they could order / send? I’ll pay obvs
  3. Did check but unfortunately it’s not there today :-/
  4. Does anyone have recipe for simple wooden fence? Thought I had it but just went to make it and can’t seem to find it anywhere
  5. Thanks for the shelves! Yeah it was the black one actually - not seen one before. Thank you! :-)
  6. Anyone have their gates open? I’m in the mood to visit!
  7. I’ve only got the green space heater - has anyone got a spare other colour I could have please?
  8. Yeah, taking the town Christmas tree down on Boxing Day - what the hell! They must be a right bunch of Scrooges at Nintendo.
  9. Ooo how’d you get Jingle poster? He gave me a toy day sleigh and recipe for gift pile.
  10. I’ve got some festive bits now but I’ve spent way too long trying to get them and it’s not exactly been fun; it’s felt like a slog. I don’t think the other seasonal recipes were this tough to get, or this close to the event. I was looking forward to the first Christmas in ACNH but feel like they’ve blown it a bit.
  11. I’ve only ever gotten one star fragment - what’s the trick?
  12. Yeah I'm still after recipe for big festive tree and jingle wall so if anyone has spares pleeease send me a message!
  13. Does anyone have a spare big festive tree recipe and/or jingle wall recipe? I’ve shot down so many balloons and I’m pretty bored of getting Clay most times!
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