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  1. Wha?! Now it says Crimzon Clover is releasing at 2am. Let's just assume it's one more sleep
  2. Tomorrow night, in fact! Games usually come out at 6pm, but judging by the countdown on the store page, it looks like it might be 7pm. Might be too late for me, but I wanna try and get a quick game in. I think I'm gonna go for a clear in one of the novice modes first this time. I think that's the mistake I made in the first one, judging by donkeys comments, sticking to the arcade mode wasn't a good plan. That date for flesh turned out to just be a placeholder, but yer man's still beavering away. Those cocks dragging themselves along with their floppy foreskins are something else. Beat my score on Schildmaid Sieger, but it's still not a great score. I died like slap bang in the middle of the run i think and you've got to keep that multiplier going for as long as you can. If you're gonna die, do it near the end!
  3. Sheeeeeiit! That's hard! Really good fun though! managed to clear it today, but it took some doing! It was definitely something the game was missing, a short, balls out, none stop mode that chucked you straight in to the action. You need to get through it without dying to get a decent score, I think, so I'll try and do that.
  4. Nicely done! The new Sieger mode for Schildmaid is out. I'll have to try and play some of that today. https://hitp-studio.itch.io/schildmaid-mx
  5. Ha! This is brilliant Someone calling themselves "cavedwellers" has just released a fun rom hack of dfk and this text file was in the zip. "!HAVE A GREAT DECEMBER AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! TO PLAY: / RENAME "sdojak.zip" TO "dfkbl.zip" / PLAY IN EMULATOR I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! IF YOU DO NOT ENJOY, LOOK FORWARD TO 04/20/22 FOR A FUN BIRTHDAY PRESENT! - CAVEDWELLERS" I'm assuming that means the real dump will be released next year. You can play as hello kitty and they changed the announcer to garfield.
  6. They are great, but don't worry, plenty of godly indie shmups to get through yet. If you want somewhere to go next, Blue Wish Desire just came out. Easily the best game of the year - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1794300/BLUE_WISH_DESIRE/
  7. Excellent work! Wow, that last boss looks like a right meanie bo beanie. Not looking forward to facing him. I like the bouncy ball one!
  8. Same date as crimzon clover - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1718160/Crimzon_Clover_World_EXplosion/ "Flesh" coming on the second, I played a one level demo thing of this a while back and it felt pretty good - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1660850/Flesh/ Hopefully it's got a screenshake toggle!
  9. Wow! Just when you're thinking "how does he get the time to make so many quality videos" he coughs out a three hour video covering every pce shmup. Absolute madman! I've never beat crimzon clover (I know! Waiting for the steam version of explosion to come out before I dive back in (they released a patch for the demo recently, by the way, that fixes all the issues)) but I looked it up, and yeah, it looks like you only get the final boss if you don't credit feed, so it's not a 1cc if you don't beat him Gutter. Sounds like you're really close though! I had a really stupid death during one of the bosses, so I can definitely go higher!
  10. First ever Space Moth fanart - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2664160538 edit: I think that might be me for that character. I wanna take a break and play something else but I just keep firing it up! It's really moreish. 1ccgames have been killing it this year!
  11. Here are some cheesy strats for the last pattern of the stage 4 boss. Stay in the middle and go and down, up and down (bikini babes on beat 'em ups). https://streamable.com/2qep7q
  12. Haha, yeah, I hear ya. One of the devs posted on the shmups forum today. Aaaaah! I just assumed you'd be better off using any hyper you had left during the boss to get skulls, but it makes sense to get a headstart at the beginning of the stage. I made a few daft mistakes there and blasted my score, so I reckon I can push this a lot further.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation! That first episode was loads of fun :D
  14. Thanks, man! Have you tried playing purely for survival to begin with? You could not bother with the soul draining mechanic and use your laser mostly to take out the big enemies quickly. Use your rapid shot on the popcorn enemies, but only on the big baddies enough to build up a hyper which you could then use as a "bomb" and when you panic and use that, hover your finger over the bomb button until you've used your rapid shot enough to build up another hyper. Have you tried the second moth, that dx-1 character? He seems likes he's better for survival and scoring! Give him a try if you haven't already. edit: Woohoo!
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