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  1. Ooh. This looks nice. Hazelnut Hex for switch and itch, coming october 1st. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Hazelnut-Hex-2271640.html Can't find the itch.io page at the minute, it mustn't be live yet.
  2. Make sure you switch fellas get cosmodreamer when that comes over as well. It's immense! This is good fun - CyberBlocker Complete Edition You can request access to the playtest on the steam page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2123390/CyberBlocker_Complete_Edition/ I'm enjoying Bullet Hell Monday, it clicked for me the other day that you can suicide when you run out of bombs and get 3 bombs for free, so my scoring got a lot better. Got a "U" rank on everything bar the last stage now. Someone on the leaderboards is getting U++ ranks, but I haven't gotten there yet!
  3. Christ, you're playing hardcore mode! Hats off for being so high up the leaderboard, bradigor! If I thought my focus could go at any minute, I'd be keep cashing out my chain, I wouldn't be pushing my luck. I have very vague hazy memories of this game. I think I must have played it when it was on the vita, but I can't be sure. Maybe I saw the trailer when it came to the switch.
  4. Does mental health count? Leave the fruit for ages, you should be able to beat your score with your first chain if you hang on long enough. It's really good fun this! Not many people seem to be playing on pc, which is a big shame.
  5. I'd just want to sit back and chill so I'd play spelunky and listen to podcasts and music for my remaining gaming time. I'd still try and beat my score, but that's proper comfort gaming for me.
  6. Thanks man! This is a lot more intense. It's all or nothing, makes it even more risky to graze and ride the baddies at the start when you're letting the fruit build up ready for your first chain. No safety nets at all. I was a bit miffed when I discovered the key guy, that you pretty much had to use him and keep buying all the upgrades if you wanted to play for score, so I'm glad there's this separate leaderboard for playing like this. I'll just stick to this one from now. 451,670 so far.
  7. Oh, there's a thread! I've been posting about this in the shmup thread. I was having fun with this but someone dragged me away to play futari black label, but I'm gonna fire it up again today. How do I play pure mode? I can't find it on the menu. Do you just play "arcade mode" but make sure you choose the normal guy and run out all the power ups you bought first? Here's my best run on arcade mode - https://streamable.com/repue2
  8. Tha Dragon Maid thing is coming to steam. Did any of you play it on console? https://store.steampowered.com/app/2086380/Miss_Kobayashis_Dragon_Maid_Burst_Forth_ChorogonBreath_DIRECTORS_CUT/ Here's Jaimers playing extreme mode. Doesn't look toooo bad.
  9. There's a focus button as well. Shift I think, if you're using keyboard, slows you down to the same speed as the second shot. You can hold down both buttons at once and your bomb will deploy automatically when it's ready, that's a good way to play for survival just to get a feel for the layout of the stage at first. Was getting proper judgement silversword vibes from it. It's been designed so that the limitations of the system really compliment the game and don't hold it back. I was genuinely blown away by the quality of it. Let's just say 99% of the pico-8 games I've tried haven't been on this level. I think it really shows how being well versed in the genre and understanding the different hidden systems and why they're there, it goes such a long way when you come to making one.
  10. Just an early prototype, but this already feels great to play. Storm Vulcan - https://roeri.itch.io/storm-vulcan If you want some scores to beat. Arcade Mode - 68,850 Storm Vulcan mode - 100,600 - https://streamable.com/glkav3 Bullet Hell Monday coming 12th september according to the steam page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2003660/Bullet_Hell_Monday/
  11. Whew! I always assumed running a proper arcade nowadays would have to be a passion project, so you would never see things like that. Sounds like the cabinet has been wired like that since they set it up. I know beggars can't be choosers, but bloody hell. I think that'd be more disappointing than not finding any shmups. Finding one and it being unplayable like that.
  12. This is great. CrossGunr, a pico-8 game by groovy shmup homie, Aktane - https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr There's a score to beat. 15,205 - https://streamable.com/ors7re It looks like terarin is making another game with Toshiyuki Takahashi "supervising" called "Star Gagnant" and it's going to be crowdfunded and it looks like it's a switch exclusive - https://ubgoe.com/projects/249
  13. I keep creating new folders in which I put the games I'm currently playing. I started off just adding games to favourites but the favourites list got too long so I got rid. I started a folder called "currently playing", then came "- now", and to make sure that the next folder appeared above it alphabetically it was given the name "- anow". The current folder is "- AAA playing". If you've got a better system that requires less thought, energy and time, I'm all ears.
  14. Yeah, black label maniac. The bosses can be pricks but you get plenty of bombs for the tricky bits. The scoring is really good fun during the stages, though that all went out the window during the end of level boss fights. I wasn't confident enough not to bomb and lose my counter so I tried to always cash it out before I got there.
  15. Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - Maniac 1cc
  16. Haha Once you've eaten at the shmup buffet, everything else tastes like swill. You can't really go back.
  17. Star Hunter is really good, but yeah, I think Space Moth Lunar is their best so far as well. It's great. Not out until next year but this looks like it might be alright. Eigengrau - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1624320/Eigengrau/ I nearly cleared maniac mode in Futari black label today. Got to the last boss. That mode is really good fun.
  18. Astroports new joint is out, but it's one of those mech style platform games which I'm not keen on. I always skip those. It also has to be one of the worst named games ever "Armored Lab Force Vulvehicles" Aaaah, because they're women? Well, I say women, most of them look like five year olds. Labia! Vulva! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1957590/Armored_Lab_Force_VULVEHICLES/ Ooh, twin stick shooter "Never Awake" is only four weeks away! Try the demo if you haven't already - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1727180/NeverAwake/ This looks alright Tanitani Wizard . A bit like Demon Throttle (do NOT buy that by the way. I tried it in a switch emulator and it's bobbins. The boss health bars are ludicrous)- https://sparklewing.itch.io/tanitani-wizard
  19. Beat his score by 126,543,782 points.
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