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  1. I'm top of the pops on all three caravan stages now! Step aside Jim, I am the new caravan daddy. I've never felt so alive! Bigger boys are bound to turn up sooner or later, but for now, I am king daddy! They've changed the first one a canny bit since the demo. 1,472,426 - https://streamable.com/ujwqqi
  2. Yeah! Are you from round here too? Oh, you need to play Black Bird. It's fantastic, and looks and sounds amazing. https://store.steampowered.com/app/857500/BLACK_BIRD/ https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/BLACK-BIRD-1455740.html
  3. Some more footage from that "Armed Eats" game. Reminds me of mr heli aka battle chopper. That was one of the arcade games at concordia, my local swimming baths for a while. I used to love playing that!
  4. Woohoo! Got top of the leaderboard on the third caravan stage as well. 1,252,762 - https://streamable.com/gqjha2 Basking in that while it lasts
  5. There are other darius games on sale too - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Search/Search-299117.html?q=darius&f=147394-86
  6. Graze Counter GM coming to everything January 19th https://store.steampowered.com/app/1486440/Graze_Counter_GM/
  7. Ha! Yeah! That was a nice surprise seeing that when I got the first clear It was just for joining in the score competition. Yeah, only a certain number of player bullets allowed on the screen at once, so like you say, you see your firing rate increase the higher up the screen you get. It's a way of beckoning the player higher up the screen, encouraging them to play aggressively and teaching them that they'll do more damage quicker the closer they are to enemies. It's a nice way of making it intuitive and having the player figure it out themselves. During the caravan stages, the sooner you kill certain waves of enemies, the sooner the next wave turn up, so there isn't a set point in the stage when the boss will appear, it'll just arrive after you've killed all the enemies. You figure out as you play which enemies you need to chin fast to get the next lot to come quicker, some enemies don't count so much and you don't have to prioritise them, but often they'll be the ones that are filling the screen with bullets so you do need to keep an eye on them as well. I think a good example of this is the tanks towards the end of the first caravan just before the boss, you have to focus more on the enemies at the top of the screen. So it's all about just getting familiar with where the enemies are gonna be and just going proper ham and trying to kill them as soon as possible. Here's my run of the first caravan stage from the demo. I make sure I bomb the bigger bullet sponge enemies to get them out of the way as soon as possible, and you can see I'm using the wide shot sometimes when enemies are spread out over the screen. https://streamable.com/f4876l Yeah, stage 3 boss is tricksy. Not so bad once you get a handle on it, but yeah, it's a good day if I don't lose a life there.
  8. Revenge from beyond the grave! Reminds me of the martyrdom perk in cod 4 Close to getting the 1cc with the third ship now though. https://streamable.com/eg8gry Still using my patented "clench sphincter and flail" technique during that final pattern. Got a type c clear there later on. Not a great score though. I think I need to let the screen fill with baddies before using my bombs, and I wasn't doing that all the time. Moving on to expert now. It's loads of fun, feels way more intense.
  9. Yeah, that's a good round up, you haven't missed any that I know of. The second caravan stage in Gunvein is even more fun than the one we got in the demo! Blue ship is the absolute boy! 1,304,320 - https://streamable.com/4l5nn9 I do dig the third ship, but it feels a bit too much like cheat mode the way you can just obliterate all the enemies before they get a chance to shoot, and the slippery speed feels like it's been toned down since the demo so it's way more manageable now. Beat my score in intense by a little bit today as well. I should be moving onto expert, I think, but intense is proper comfy, I just want to keep playing that.
  10. Switch first early next year, and then ps4/xbox later on Heads up though, we're not sure if Boghog will be handling the ports. Guy who made Dead End City said he got excited imagining a game where "caveman waifus rode dinosaurs" and was disappointed when he saw the screenshots, so he's gonna make the game he imagined instead
  11. When I used to play on pad I liked to use right trigger as autoshot, so you're just keeping that held down all the time, and A for focus/lock on with your thumb, and then b for bomb, if that's any help, though I'm guessing you've already tried that. Managed to beat intense with the blue ship. I really like that ship despite it being less powerful. It feels great. Stupid death at the end, but I beat my score at least.
  12. So far, the first ship feels like the easiest clear for intense. feels like the blue ship lacks a bit of oomph towards the end, though the slower speed does make dodging some patterns a lot easier. Third character requires lots of point blanking so I'd leave that for now. I haven't played mild, but the the blue ship might be really good for that if the bosses have lower health. You can at least stay down the bottom of the screen for some of the patterns where that makes sense, and keep out of trouble. Yeah, it's a legit way to teach yourself a game. Just keep credit feeding until one day you don't need to anymore and get the 1cc. Hopefully in the practice mode you can just play the full game through and keep continuing, or maybe you can earn credits from practising.
  13. Another double KO! That's 3 I've had in different games. I am cursed, I'm convinced of it. I thought, reet I'm gonna use my bomb and then he'll be dead for sure :D https://streamable.com/pua693
  14. I think a lot of shmup devs have been trying to move away from the infinite continue system, and trying ways to gently funnel newer players into the mindset that these games aren't to be credit fed through and ditched. Sounds like he's lifted that whole earning continues and starting at checkpoints thing from zeroranger. There is an achievement called "Freeplay - Unlock 9+ continues." which nobody has gotten yet. So I think you can stack up a good amount of continues at least. If you're someone who's always credit fed to practice then I think you're supposed to just use the practise mode instead and jump into arcade when you're ready. I really like the slower ship. It starts to feel underpowered once you get to the final boss on intense though. I really want to get a clear with that ship since I'm scoring better with that one at the minute, then I'll try and do the third one.
  15. Got my intense 1cc today. Man, that final boss! Yup, this game is amazing. I'm looking forward to trying out the roguelike mode. Boghog was talking the other night in the shmupjunkie discord about how he got the job.
  16. Yeah, I thought they were all coming out at the same time, but this makes more sense. They can catch any bugs and weirdness on pc and make sure everything is rock solid and patched up all nice before coming over to console. I won the game for coming third in the high score competition, but I've already had hours of fun in the demo alone and feel like I should pay it forward. If any of you lot fancy it on steam, give me a shout. You might have to add me as a friend, but you can fuck me off straight after. Edit: This has been taken.
  17. I hate to be that guy, but wiper already posted about this earlier in the week. It was a good video.
  18. Gunvein coming November 11th
  19. Yeah. Not that I'm the biggest fan of the platform, but his discord is way better than all the other shmup discords combined, as well. No noncery, no weird in-fighting. Just chill groovy folk helping each other out or having friendly competitions. Here's a working invite if anyone fancies sticking their head in - https://discord.com/invite/KXwzNPQFge Elixir is bowing out of posting shmup news on twitter. That's a shame, it was always a handy resource - https://twitter.com/shmups I think a lot of people are jumping from that sinking ship since it got a little too musky. This Japanese guys blog is a great alternative for keeping on top of new releases - http://blog.livedoor.jp/indie_shooting/
  20. No autofire options. Hey, mate, you had one job! Good luck with that on the switch. I don't have my old joytokey settings for mecha ritz neither so I'm starting from scratch. 5 times a second seems good enough for the red ship. That'll do me for now. I'm liking it, you have to get up close and personal to the bosses to take out the sweet spots, and if you bomb, the sweet spots don't take damage for a while. They've fixed the milking on the final pattern of the last boss. It's good! Feels very different, they've left the previous version as a launch option which is nice.
  21. Sing it, sister! Very unfairly maligned, that game. I don't even think it looks that bad. Mecha Ritz update oot the noo. Not had a chance to play anything today, will give it a shot tomorrow. https://store.steampowered.com/app/463070/Mecha_Ritz_Steel_Rondo/ https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Mecha-Ritz-Steel-Rondo-2283163.html
  22. Yeah, I never really got into the second one. I play the original on a 360 pad with the analogue stick and that didn't feel right in the second one. The deadzone felt much lower, and with no way to tweak it I found myself grabbing hold of ladders and vines that I didn't want to, and jumping off the odd turkey, so I just binned it. It felt very much like a third rate tribute act as well from what I saw of it. I'm sure there's some good stuff in there but I didn't stick around due to the control issues. I could play with an arcade stick or move to keyboard, but spelunky has always been my lounging back with a pad and a podcast/album/audiobook game so I don't think that'd feel right. First game is more or less perfect. It's a fools errand to play a roguelite for score when the procedural generation can have such a huge impact on the scoring potential of each individual run, but if it's fun to play, then you play it. For over a thousand hours.
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