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  1. This is great. CrossGunr, a pico-8 game by groovy shmup homie, Aktane - https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr There's a score to beat. 15,205 - https://streamable.com/ors7re It looks like terarin is making another game with Toshiyuki Takahashi "supervising" called "Star Gagnant" and it's going to be crowdfunded and it looks like it's a switch exclusive - https://ubgoe.com/projects/249
  2. I keep creating new folders in which I put the games I'm currently playing. I started off just adding games to favourites but the favourites list got too long so I got rid. I started a folder called "currently playing", then came "- now", and to make sure that the next folder appeared above it alphabetically it was given the name "- anow". The current folder is "- AAA playing". If you've got a better system that requires less thought, energy and time, I'm all ears.
  3. Yeah, black label maniac. The bosses can be pricks but you get plenty of bombs for the tricky bits. The scoring is really good fun during the stages, though that all went out the window during the end of level boss fights. I wasn't confident enough not to bomb and lose my counter so I tried to always cash it out before I got there.
  4. Mushihimesama Futari Black Label - Maniac 1cc
  5. Haha Once you've eaten at the shmup buffet, everything else tastes like swill. You can't really go back.
  6. Star Hunter is really good, but yeah, I think Space Moth Lunar is their best so far as well. It's great. Not out until next year but this looks like it might be alright. Eigengrau - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1624320/Eigengrau/ I nearly cleared maniac mode in Futari black label today. Got to the last boss. That mode is really good fun.
  7. Astroports new joint is out, but it's one of those mech style platform games which I'm not keen on. I always skip those. It also has to be one of the worst named games ever "Armored Lab Force Vulvehicles" Aaaah, because they're women? Well, I say women, most of them look like five year olds. Labia! Vulva! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1957590/Armored_Lab_Force_VULVEHICLES/ Ooh, twin stick shooter "Never Awake" is only four weeks away! Try the demo if you haven't already - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1727180/NeverAwake/ This looks alright Tanitani Wizard . A bit like Demon Throttle (do NOT buy that by the way. I tried it in a switch emulator and it's bobbins. The boss health bars are ludicrous)- https://sparklewing.itch.io/tanitani-wizard
  8. Beat his score by 126,543,782 points.
  9. 1.5 is amazing! That's always been my favourite mode to play. It's all about playing aggressively and killing the enemies close up so that they drop more amber. The rank will tick up the more amber you collect and the bullets will get faster. That's pretty much it, very simple scoring mechanic. It's all about pushing things as hard as you can without dying. The overall amber counter isn't shown to the player. Just play aggressively and you'll gobble it automatically. My highest score is 53,619,313, if you want something to beat. You get 10,000,000 points for each life remaining when you finish so you want to play risky but not toooo risky! It's a great mode to start in as well because if you're not playing aggressively, and just hanging out down the bottom of the screen and playing for survival, the bullets won't get that fast and you can breeze through. There's a hidden extend in that big insect midboss on stage 3, if you didn't know. When you get to the top, blow up his pincers on either side first before blowing up the head and an extra life pops out. Yeah, mushi is great. If you haven't played futari yet you're in for an even bigger treat A friend just beat my score on black label so I'll be dipping back into that over the next few days to see if I can return the favour.
  10. Ooh yeah! I got hit a couple of times early on but I'm glad I stuck with it! https://streamable.com/repue2 Would love to see what the leaderboards look like on other formats because it looks like I'm the only one trying on pc :*(
  11. Hang in there. The M2 release will be all the sweeter after the wait
  12. M2, for good and ill, don't tend to rush things, and they seem to be doing the toaplan catalogue in chronological order, so it'll arrive eventually - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toaplan#Developed Is a steam deck or a similar portable pc an option? You could emulate the game now on one of those. A lot of people hack their switches or other portable console and turn them into emulation machines as well. That might be an option if you've got an old vita lying around or something.
  13. Yeah, I did like the relaxing music and some of the boss patterns were interesting. It's hard to know what's intentional and what's just jank in some of the later stages. It might not be totally unsalvageable. Like you say, it's cheap enough to keep. Getting caught on the red brick on the last stage and losing all my lives was a bit of a "get out of my life!" moment for me and I cut my losses
  14. Yes, but it's also badly designed. That control scheme wouldn't be an issue if they didn't fuck it up so royally.
  15. It's not a twin stick shooter, it's more like kiki kaikai. The second long pause before your shot locks is a nightmare, god knows why that's not on a separate button. It should lock the strafe instantly. That sort of control scheme can be great when it's done properly and is a much more interesting challenge than playing a twin stick shooter. MagiGhostDEADline by boghog got it spot on, and the on foot stages in Zenodeath were great as well. I refunded my copy, it's a mess.
  16. Just discovered this little arse-taster. Game changer! The key rotates around you when you move and pricks die when they run into it.
  17. Yeah, I had to do that hold start and press left thing to get the brook pcb to change the stick to analogue. I was giving it a chance, trying to relax into the pace, but it's just too janky. On the later stages there's some really funky slowdown where you're never quite sure what's intentional and what isn't, though it can't be performance related since it never dropped below 500fps. How you liking that 10 second black screen before the game starts? Really got me pumped up and ready to play. Yeah, it's just too tame and you're just waiting for the screen to scroll on to give you some enemies. I decided to run through easy first since some of the bosses were throwing up some bullshit and it's even worse. Meh, they can't all be winners. It's a shame because it did look interesting.
  18. Hmmm, this is fucking dogshit. Yawning through the whole bloody thing. Final stage of easy, got caught on a red brick. Get it in the bin.
  19. Hell Blasters 2.0 update is out. I knew it was coming but totally missed it - https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1696200/view/3380534025703517868 New Mean Difficulty! There is very little room for error. Please be careful! Arrange Mode is added! The better you play the harder it gets! Can you persevere under the pressure? New Arranged Tracks done by crisp, Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) and Scowsh! You can adjust which arrangement to use on which mode via the Options menu. New languages added: Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese! 2 new wallpapers are added! 8 new endings are added! The new endings are for Arcade Mean and Arrange Mode. 8 new Achievements are added! Several bug fixes.
  20. This is a lot of fun - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2051450/Dont_Die_Mr_Robot_DX/ More of an "avoid 'em up" than a traditional shmup, but I'm really enjoying pushing my score in the arcade mode. Kikura should be out at 4pm today according to the steam page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2095600/KIKURA/
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