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  1. Oh wow, the Dowling Poole? Small world, innit?
  2. Had a chance for a quick runthrough of this tonight on maniac difficulty, it's brilliant fun! You have to run through each stage individually before unlocking the arcade mode. Lots of difficulty modes. I reckon everyone will get a kick out of this. It's really bright and cheery with some fun bullet patterns and it really ramps up on the later stages! The scoring is all about playing aggressively, getting in nice and close when you kill baddies, staying close to the bosses and using your bombs strategically to cancel as many bullets as you can. Your bombs also equate to hitpoints, so if you get hit you'll just lose a bomb rather than dying if you have one in stock. Brilliant fun, I tried running through arcade mode afterwards and died right at the final boss but hopefully I'll get a chance to get to revenge tomorrow! Can't wait to try the next difficulty up as well. There are a few different weapons and stuff you can try out as well which I haven't really looked into. I just went with the butterfly shot, the homing thingy and the shield.
  3. I quite liked it. Shame they didn't get to use the music. The song at the start sounded like it could have been a cardiacs offcut, but nowhere near as catchy as the original. I was expecting 2DTV/newzoids levels of embarrassment so maybe my expectations were lowered sufficiently. It bopped along at a nice pace and got a few smiles out of me. Wouldn't say they've hit the ground running but they haven't fallen straight on their faces either. The original spitting image was way worse than this in the beginning. This had the same sort of energy as spitting image in it's heyday and while some of the voices and material weren't great, it was still fun. Even the song wasn't god awful! Cautiously optimistic for the rest of the series! Nice to have it back.
  4. Oh, haven't you heard? I was under the impression that all the cool kids knew it was hashtag shmuptober Cosmodreamer is out, £5.79. Don't sleep on Astral Gunners, it's amazing!
  5. Astral Gunners - 1cc, Normal (early access), Blue (10)
  6. Astral Gunners is go! - https://store.steampowered.com/app/893900/Astral_Gunners/ edit: I have to go out, but just a quick edit to say that this is ruddy brilliant!
  7. When does the butthurt kick in? I'm only mucking about. Trust me, my toys will be well out of the pram if and when I get to that point once the honeymoon period is over. Are people maybe just forgetting how bad they were and how long it took them to get to the jungle in the first game because they've played it so much? I'm not sure I've seen anything that I would put down to bad design yet. There's been a couple of moments where I was being too cocky, making haste instead of making haste slowly, and learned a short, sharp lesson. There's been one or two moments where certain items would have come in very handy. There's been perhaps one moment where I spawned into the "behind the scenes" world and a bat was right there, I might have had time to react if I was paying more attention. I'll put that down as a maybe. Isn't this what we all wanted though? We're all spelunky veterans, we want more of the same but more systems and more things to fuck us up. We want a deeper, more challenging game. Little things have been tweaked to make them more challenging. Even jumping on skeletons heads or whipping a bat takes more skill. The first levels are so much more interesting, there's so much more going on. That's a great thing!
  8. Me too! Got to 4-1, thought "Can you die on those plants? They look spiky. Tell you what, I'll jump on them and find out ..." Now I know for sure. Good place to call it a night. Absolutely loving it so far! That moment when you figure out I was proper beaming! The cats are so cute. I'm trying to unlock the green lass, I always liked playing as her. The sloth will have to do for now.
  9. Happy spelunky day, fellow nerds! Bought and installed. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it later tonight. Eeeeeeek!
  10. Thanks for the recommendation! I didn't enjoy it, to be honest. I'm usually pretty ruthless when I think a film has wasted my time, but I think it might be rude going into any sort of detail, I wouldn't want you taking it personally. I wanted to say though, have you seen "Valhalla Rising"? If not, I think you'd really like that, this film felt like it was reaching for that sort of vibe at times.
  11. I know! New shiny game and I had a night where I didn't get a chance to play at all and then the next night only for an hour, so today I just totally hammered it until my arm went numb, madam. I love that stage so much! Yeah, I used that rock perk for that one, seemed rude not to when they were offering it up, but I suppose it won't be there in score attack, so you'd best get used to getting by without it.
  12. Yos! Normal mode done. That was fucking amazing! Gonna try my luck on the score attack leaderboards before moving on to hard. Actually, I wanna get S rank on all the levels first. I'll try that. Everyone needs to pick this up. It's amazing.
  13. yeah, the arrange mode looks like it's shakes things up nicely! Yeah, I was the same as you, tried the original and thought it was a bit dull and slow, not sure what the fuss was about. I'll definitely pick up the new one and give it a try.
  14. Yay! A rank, bitches. Much happier with that! :sunglasses:
  15. Not until next year, but the arrange mode of the cotton reboot is looking like a dopamine fountain! Never really played the original bar a few credits in emulation. Anyone rate it? Yeah, I remember there being a couple of threads around the net in various places a few years ago, people asking how shmups could become less niche, have wider appeal, draw new players in but teach them the unwritten rules so they didn't just credit feed through and ditch it. It's this, isn't it? Qute already did it with Ginga Force. I love Eschatos so much and this feels like a natural progression. Excellent. An easy 10 out of 10. It's just getting better and better. I obsessed a bit over getting an S rank in a certain mission (number 4) but I've relaxed on that now, I figure the way forward is to just run through the game and unlock stuff before you start worrying too much about that. I've done the mission without getting hit, I've tried to take out as many boss parts as I can. B rank every time. I'll come back to it. Not bothering me at all. Totally not even thinking about it. Steam are having a TGS sale at the minute, sorry if it's too late, 19 hours left. Eschatos, the cave games, etc, you can have a sniff around here for the discounted games. Check the first one, and any stragglers should be picked up in the second list. https://store.steampowered.com/search/?sort_by=Released_DESC&tags=4255&specials=1 https://store.steampowered.com/search/?sort_by=Released_DESC&term=shmup&specials=1
  16. The Social Dilemma Really interesting and well made documentary that would make a good double bill with the Trump one. Makes you question some of your own actions on forums like this one that co-opt the worst influencing mechanisms of social media. Once you've had a ride in the lovely upboat, do you start acting like a performative seal for a few tossed fish and some tummy rubs? Anyway, hope you guys like my review! It's nothing really new, especially if you've already read or heard some of what Jaron Lanier has to say about the subject, but it does a very good job of setting everything out plainly, and it's never dull. I wasn't so sure about the dramatised bits at times, but I think it really works in the end. Does a good job of breaking up the jabbering bonces. Kind of feels like a naff episode of black mirror, but in a good way. If nothing else, it reminds you how much more fulfilling real life interactions are. Talking to people online is very much the empty calorie, fast food substitute of social interaction with more or less zero nutritional value, it just leaves you feeling hungrier. Though, I suppose needs must in the current climate. There's a lovely line from Jaron near the end. "Throughout history, every single time something has gotten better, it's because somebody has come along to say, "this is stupid, we can do better" Like, it's the critics who drive improvement. It's the critics who are the true optimists" For some people who see this, especially younger folk, it could change their lives for the better and that's a really great thing. Would be interested in hearing from anyone else who's seen this, especially some dissenting voices. ****
  17. Yup, it's serious sam, alright! Nnnng, been playing this and ginga force for 3 and a half hours straight. I feel like I've eaten a 3kg bag of haribo Should I post my settings in the nvidia thread? They might make me their new king.
  18. #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump They only really stick with that theme for the first third of the film. Once the rent-a-shrinks have made their diagnosis, the doc uses that as a springboard to launch itself into far more formulaic territory that's been covered so many times before, a recap of the election and a "warning from history" lesson. Regardless, it's all pretty well done and watchable. You perhaps won't learn much new, but humans are so adaptable, I'd become so used to the state of the world and feeling utterly powerless about it and this at least shakes you out of your waking slumber and reminds you what's actually fucking going on and that we're all more or less sleepwalking through it. ***½
  19. The programmer shared another gif here Oooh, Cosmo Dreamer coming 3rd October, from doujin circle "Outside" I've only played one of theirs, "Nightmare Trip" but I remember it being great fun. You can get it here - https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/18753 Man, there's so many great games coming out at the minute. 2020 isn't all bad.
  20. Urgh, horrible, isn't it? Show me your man cave, soldier. Touch your toes!
  21. The artist behind Mechanical Star Astra has got another project going on called Bullet Sorceress. Looks great! Oh, and it's her birthday! "Demo available in October. Already very playable after 2-3 weeks development time." How? The coder must be some sort of cyborg
  22. They did an AMA on the switch reddit today if any of you lot are interested - https://old.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/ixri6b/we_are_supergiant_games_creators_of_hades_pyre/
  23. You were great in Wild At Heart! and ... possibly one other film?
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