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  1. Well, I'm a confirmed Nintendo fan boy. This is a great compilation. Sunshine looks fantastic after its HD upgrade. Galaxy still looks and plays dreamily. Mario 64 looks cleaner, sharper but it's beginning to show it's age now against its peers. But being nearly 25 years old I'm not surprised. Can't wait to see what else Nintendo have got planned for Mario that they didn't announce in the 35th anniversary direct.
  2. A 4K Switch is never going to happen. Nintendo have never worried about high end TV output. The Wii was resolutely SD in the days HD was becoming the standard and outsold the lot.
  3. It was going so well until your last paragraph.
  4. Looks great. I'm in. Day 1 digital for me. Nintendo/Mario is the peak of video gaming as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I'm a recent switch owner. I just couldn't get on with the joycons. Too lightweight and fiddly. I stumped up the cash for the pro controller and it's like night and day. Vastly superior in every way. It's a must as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Just got this in the sale. Wow. What a game. Superb. Outrun is a game that just defies time.
  7. It does look pretty good from what I have seen. It's definitely on my watch list. I was having issues with the camera in Yooka Laylee, but changing to "Classic" in the options has sorted it out. A very solid 8 from me now.
  8. Just playing Yooka Laylee. Although a bit floaty and rough around the edges, I am really enjoying it. Some very funny scripting. I love Trowser and the accompanying "voice"... A complete ode to Banjo and Kazooie which I adored. I love a collectathon too. "Trowsers Worldwide Incredible Traders"
  9. This sums up Balearic for me
  10. Just finished off Gannon. 125+ hours, 100 shrines, 171 koroks. On the map screen it shows 39.4% completion. What a tour de force of a game. I'm still going to wander about and mop stuff up. How the hell are they going to top this with the sequel?
  11. Thanks for the heads up. It's a steal at that price. Scramble, Nemesis/Gradius, Lifeforce and Vulcan Venture are all quality old school arcade shooters.
  12. Really? I haven't noticed any?
  13. All this talk of Mr Driller?? "Hail to the King" is now out, at a bargain price £3.99. Tremendous port too.
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