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  1. Jurassic World Dominion. 


    Possibly the loudest film I've ever been to. Proper chest moving pounding bass and jurassic roars. Great stuff. I was dragged along against my will,  but I ended up enjoying it. A nonsense story,  a typical Goldblum performance, which is handy because I quite like him.  Good old fashioned entertainment. 3/5

  2. What a performance. Watched it with mates in a pub mostly west ham. A smattering of chelski and degenerate North Londoners also in there.  Even they were impressed with our performance. Antonio was superb tonight. They just couldn't handle him.  Can we win it? I see no reason why not?

  3. I think I've just about calmed down after that disgusting performance from the ref last night. Shame we couldn't hold on,  but we're still very much in it.  The place was rocking again last night. These European nights really make the stadium come alive. 

  4. I've played this game over 50 hours.  I love it.  I hate it.  I'm not sure I want that from a game.  Just beaten Godrick and I've no idea where to go now.  All that time to get that far.  There's more to life.  Fair play to you that are heavily invested in the From type of gaming. I've tried.  It's not for me.

  5. 8 hours ago, therearerules said:

    And have you rested at a site of grace and been whisked away since?

    Found the person in question. Typically,  an hour later, I found another gentleman who could offer the same service after I'd smashed down a "secret wall".

  6. Just defeated Margit after 34 hours.  I'm still bewildered by the stats, scaling and weapon types. But I've got shield blocking sussed now. That makes a huge difference. Going through Stormveil Castle.  Those crows with blades can fornicate off. I'm using a scimitar like blade that seems to regenerate a bit of health when I kill someone and is pretty quick  and a Zweihander which does good damage but slow.


    I think it's a good game, but I'm not as obsessed as some of you guys.  I can't play it for too long.  It's very oppressive. I'm more a bright coloured Nintendo type of gamer.


    So I think I'm going to be playing this all year!!

  7. Pretty disappointed to be honest. We didn't play at all.  Apart from Kane and Son (both superb), they weren't much better. Definitely after the Lord Mayor show that one. Now we know where our priority lies.  

  8. What a night. That ground was rocking. Stood the whole game in the upper tier. First goal saw people falling over seats, proper limbs. As good as anything as I experienced at Upton Park. Been on light duties today.  Next up,  the Herbert's from along the road. Been offered a ticket.  But,  I think I'd better stay away as its in the home end. 

  9. 7 minutes ago, Hexx said:


    If you look at a weapon it'll say something like 


    "Physical 109 + 20"


    There's a range of stats but I'm focusing on this one


    Then below they'll be scaling


    For instance Str D, Dex D, Int -

    That weapon does 109 points of Physical damage on it's own.

    You Str/Dex are adding "20" damage based on a "D" rate.


    So in total you do 129 points of Physical damage.


    If you level up the weapon it's base stats should increase.



    +0 "Physical 109 + 20"

    +1 "Physical 114 + 20"

    +2 "Physical 119 + 20"


    So you are doing more damage total.


    Likewise if you put points in Str or Dex the bonus damage will increase. You'd get nothing

    It's only D rank so probably not by very much. E.g. 1 point in Str might only increase it to 21. 


    But as you level up the weapon it's scaling might increase (D to C to B to A to S). 


    The better the rank the more the bonus damage increases.


    e.g. A D rank might be 20 bonus, but a S rank might be 60. 


    What a weapon scales with depends on weapons. Heavy slow weapons tend to be Str, Agile quick weapons Dex. Magic weapons Int etc


    So, the more I level up a weapon with a smithing stone,  the scale value increases? This depends on what attributes I level up on my character?  Thanks for the explanation by the way. 

  10. I'm playing Banjo Kazooie on the Switch.  I remember liking this when it first came to the N64, but being rock hard. The emulation on the Switch is pretty good.  Everything is bright and crisp.  The controls are fine on the pro controller. The addition of save states has taken the edge of the difficulty, but its encouraging me to explore more. I'm doing about a level a night at the moment.  Getting to the end now just opened up Click Clock Wood.  But I'm sure there's a level I've missed in the water area. 


    Here comes a controversial opinion. I prefer this to Mario 64. The controls are spot on,  there's more variety in the world's and the moves available trump those of its predecess.  The hub world is great too. So there. I'm having a blast.  Really hope they bring Tooie to the service. 

  11. On 25/02/2022 at 09:33, nightwaxon said:

    So tempted to get this.  Hated Demon Souls.  Bloodborne was much better, but still too difficult for me.  Got about two thirds of the way through and lost interest. Is this going to convert me? The premise sounds amazing.  But I think I know the answer to this already, sadly. 

    OK. All your enthusiasm in this thread has made me cave and I've ordered. I've gone for the PS4 version (it's the only way I can play it), so the best version ;) . Its a pro too. You're all gits, and I hate you all. So looking forward to starting it.

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