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  1. A pen and a piece of paper by the looks of it. The same complaint is being levelled at Elden Ring by some.
  2. So, the more I level up a weapon with a smithing stone, the scale value increases? This depends on what attributes I level up on my character? Thanks for the explanation by the way.
  3. People keep mentioning glass cannon. What is this in relation to? I'm enjoying this, but the stats elements are a bit overwhelming. I still don't rightly understand what scaling does, or even means.
  4. I'm playing Banjo Kazooie on the Switch. I remember liking this when it first came to the N64, but being rock hard. The emulation on the Switch is pretty good. Everything is bright and crisp. The controls are fine on the pro controller. The addition of save states has taken the edge of the difficulty, but its encouraging me to explore more. I'm doing about a level a night at the moment. Getting to the end now just opened up Click Clock Wood. But I'm sure there's a level I've missed in the water area. Here comes a controversial opinion. I prefer this to Mario 64. The controls are spot on, there's more variety in the world's and the moves available trump those of its predecess. The hub world is great too. So there. I'm having a blast. Really hope they bring Tooie to the service.
  5. I'm like you. But I've taken the plunge. As others have described, if you meet an immovable boss at least you can go and investigate elsewhere. @denisb
  6. OK. All your enthusiasm in this thread has made me cave and I've ordered. I've gone for the PS4 version (it's the only way I can play it), so the best version . Its a pro too. You're all gits, and I hate you all. So looking forward to starting it.
  7. So tempted to get this. Hated Demon Souls. Bloodborne was much better, but still too difficult for me. Got about two thirds of the way through and lost interest. Is this going to convert me? The premise sounds amazing. But I think I know the answer to this already, sadly.
  8. Level 99 was a classic. The answer was staring me in the face. Really hope there's more content to come. Congratulations @carleton for a terrific little game.
  9. I came back to it this morning. Did it in 5 minutes. Bloody thing. I love it.
  10. I am playing them in order. It's a great game to pick up and play for an hour or so to polish off a couple of levels. I love it when you get a solution that stumps you for 10 minutes. It's usually something so obvious.
  11. Upto level 71 now. Nothing has completely stumped me so far. Some great puzzles and catchy music.
  12. That Kirby game looked fantastic. Based on Odyssey by the looks of it. So much goodness from Nintendo.
  13. Been playing this tonight. Got to level 40. One or two tricky levels so far. I've a feeling it's going to get more difficult from here. Lovely little game.
  14. The first one is better in my opinion. Perfect length.
  15. Good price. But Tesco though.....
  16. That Tavares album. Wow!! Great post. I need to find time to listen to this page in detail.
  17. I've been playing Banjo tonight. I'm quite surprised how well it holds up. The controls are very clunky and it'd be immeasurably better if I could get my hands on the fookin N64 controller. But it still plays really well and really enjoyed my evening. I forgot how funny and insulting it was. Managed to 100% the first level. Something I never managed on my first play through all those years ago. Just opened up the beach level and it's getting harder already. The emulation looks fine and the pictures lovely and sharp with no lag that I can feel. Mind you, I don't really notice it when it's there anyway. Although I'm glad they're improving known issues that are bugging others.
  18. That's fantastic. New to me as well.
  19. Sorry for the spamming of this thread. But I've heard so much great music recently. This cropped up today on my new favourite, Streetsounds. A huge slice of disco funk. I've never really given Shalamar a listen outside their big hits. What a mistake.
  20. Heard this on Street Sounds Radio the other day. It's a fantastic radio station. I'm aware of Willie Hutch, but this particular one has escaped me. Absolute class! Love the little riff when he's singing the chorus.
  21. Ohh, what's this? I love Teena Marie.
  22. I love Brit Soul, Jazz, Funk and Jazz Funk. Went to see Loose Ends at the Jazz cafe last weekend. Very good if a slightly erratic and disorganised set up. Played all the big hitters as you would expect. This was the highlight for me which was their (eventual) encore.
  23. West Side Story. Much better than I was anticipating. Veered from the saccharine to gritty. Great production values to match the location setting and the classic songs. Dragged just a little, but a worthy update. 3.5/5
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