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  1. I've completed all Metroids I've played. The only ones I haven't played are the handheld versions. Toughness I don't mind. It's getting lost, walking around in circles that does my head in. I am going to take your advice and stop playing now though. Try again tomorrow. Thanks for the tip @Alex W.
  2. Wow. Thanks. I would never have tried that. I will persevere. Usually stuff like that is for "secrets". Not how to progress the main branch of a game. Perhaps I am just getting too long in the tooth for this video game malarky.
  3. I am afraid this is a no from me. Frustrating. Obtuse. Ridiculous controls that are slippery. I have been stuck all evening getting burnt to a cinder when going to Cataris.I assume I need a suit to stop me from burning. I am going round in circles in Artaria in the same 4/5 rooms. All exits blocked. Getting there was bad enough. The EMMI's are an exercise in frustration. Utter trial and error what to do with them. I do worry about Nintendo's output these days. The Paper Mario game had a ridiculous battle system and was plain boring. This is just a baffling idea for a metroid game. I really want to love it, but I can't.
  4. You give me something. At least to my untrained ear.
  5. So. Friday night. Big game of football tomorrow. Nice quiet night in. Mrs is watching the new Sex in the City. So, on go the headphones and a wander through my collection of mp3's. I've always loved this band. But this is probably my favourite. Another bassline that Jamiroquai syphoned off onto one of their tunes. Starpoint. One of their earliest hits. But that bassline along with the piano. Goosebumps!
  6. I think this is a risky appointment. I'm not sure getting rid of Smith was the correct decision. Mind you, I thought Viera at Palace was a bad choice too. Have to say, I've been impressed with what he has done so far.
  7. Yeah. That's a gutter for him. A solid performer each week. To be fair to Dawson, he came on Sunday and fitted in no problem. I've got no qualms about him becoming the centre back pairing with Zouma.
  8. I saw one in the flesh yesterday so to speak. What a good awful looking massive machine. I think I'll wait for the "slim" revision before I take the plunge. If that's 2 years down the line, so be it. Got plenty to be getting on with. I can't believe the prices these still go for.
  9. Well. The best thing that happened today was Liverpool equalising. We came out after that, then the second half a better team. Fornals had a tremendous game. Non-stop running, skill and finishing to boot. This season is beyond my wildest dreams from what I thought was achievable at the start. Who knows how high we can go? I am certainly going to enjoy the ride.
  10. Late night Saturday drinking leads me to jazz funk classics. This fits the bill. Great title for a song.
  11. Been shuffling through my mps's tonight and this one came up. The Fatback Band funking it up. Tearing it up.
  12. Yes you can definitely do that. The avatar and dotted border are immovable.
  13. I'm playing through Zelda OOT. Really enjoying it. Just wish they'd sort the borders out. That can't be good for any TV's, especially OLED's?
  14. Had to watch on TV despite having a ticket as I couldn't make it to the game. Far from our best and we still won 4-1. I saw Rice give the ball away twice and even he mentioned it in the post match interview. He wasn't happy. He's some player. Johnson is getting better and better and fully deserves his place in front of Coufal at the moment. Big week coming up. Really looking forward to it.
  15. It's all about opinions. I loved the start to Fallout 3. The "browness" added to the utterly savaged cityscape and its denizens shambling around. From the colour of the vault, to the desperation of the nuclear holocaust. In my top 5 games I've ever played.
  16. I've just had a couple of hours playing through. All looked good to me. For N64 games it definitely needs the N64 controller though. The lack of screen size and filtering options coupled with the intrusive borders are the things that irk me the most. I can never detect lag, so no issues for me. The image looked nice, bright and very smooth.
  17. Agree with that. It's the "renting" aspect of this which pisses me off
  18. Just got back in. I love us beating those big time Charlie's. Not at our best, but still scratched out a win. My love for Declan Rice grows stronger, match by match
  19. I don't think the pricing is that bad.
  20. Final one from me. Teena Marie. Gone far, far too soon. Heard this on the afore-mentiond Street Sounds Radio. Funky as hell. Square Biz indeed"
  21. Leon Ware is the fucking don!
  22. I've just found Street Sounds Radio on DAB. Run and set up by Morgan Khan. The purveyor of all those classic Electro albums and Soul compilations from the early 80's. It's just hit after hit on there for me. The following tune is heavily rotated by most of the DJ's. Such a killer chorus and kick.
  23. I like NeoGaf. It's basically a bigger version of this place.
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