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  1. I've just found Street Sounds Radio on DAB. Run and set up by Morgan Khan. The purveyor of all those classic Electro albums and Soul compilations from the early 80's. It's just hit after hit on there for me. The following tune is heavily rotated by most of the DJ's. Such a killer chorus and kick.



  2. Good atmosphere last night. The Vienna fans were certainly up for it. Rice had his usual Rolls Royce performance. Big game Sunday. Win that and were in a hugely impressive position going into the international break.

  3. I watched 30 minutes of this 100 nonsense. WTF with the graphics? School level standard cricket. Boundary ropes a good 15 meters in. The Oval Invincibles v The Manchester originals? Jesus. Compared to last night's fantastic game (and I am not a T20 fan) this is dreadful.

  4. I've not gone through this whole thread, so apologies if I am covering old ground.



    I am one of those that love the premise of the Souls games. I started Demon Souls twice. It's an absolute lesson in frustration and just gave up both times.  Been playing Bloodborne via PS Now. It's more of the same. I spent 3 days defeating the first boss (Cleric) now spent another 2 days on Father Gascogine. I am getting to the stage of giving up again. It'll put me off buying or playing another game in the series. A simple difficulty mode would make it accessible to all and proffer more sales and revenue. Sure give the hard mode to those that want it. Otherwise, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  5. On 26/03/2021 at 14:31, Art Vandelay said:

    Bluey and Gilles Peterson's STR4TA album got released today. Definitely one for the Brit Funk mob. They've got an amazing ear for the sound as it could be from 1981, but at the same time it's not just a load of revivalist bollocks. Massively recommended.




    Having listened to this some more over the last week or so, I am blown away how good this is. I mean it is totally my era and a nostalgia overload, but even the "iffy tunes" (two) have grown on me. Love the title track (Aspect) and Vision 9. I seriously hope they're going to do some live gigs, because I'll be there. I am sensing the return of Brit Funk in a big way over the coming year.


  6. I got Coin Ops Massive on the original X-BOX. I got a pre-prepared image from somewhere and it has preview videos and covers a multitude of systems. I'll never get rid of it. I have also got a Shield TV and installed Arc Browser. It took a couple of weeks to set up and can do Dreamcast, Saturn and PS1. Some Gamecube games too with a bit of fiddling. But, It's still not as good as the old X-BOX Coin-Ops Massive set-up.

  7. This came up on a random Spotify playlist today following on from listening to the new str4ta album. Jazz Funk oral pleasure. The thing is with this era of music, there are gems to be unearthed everywhere. Not heard this before today, but listen to the musicianship in this 7 minutes of Jazz Funk pleasure. Mind blown.



  8. I'm definitely going to check that Str4ta album out. Rhythm in your Mind has that classic sound.


    In other news, Jeff Young is leaving his show on Jazz FM this weekend. Sad times. That show has been a staple of my Sunday mornings (Sunday Brunch fcuk off) for years. But starting next week, the return of Robbie Vincent. So all is not lost!!!


    Checked it out. There's a couple of duffers. But most of it is like being back at the Darenth Tavern, or Flicks Dartford early/mid 80's. Fantastic stuff

  9. On 16/03/2021 at 12:26, Fireproofradiator said:

    Also, Midnight Run. My favourite film. This clip doesn't have his explosive "I'M MOSELY!!!" Sadly. Which is one for the ages.



    Great film. He was excellent in this. I'm going to give this a watch tonight.

  10. On 15/02/2021 at 12:16, ZOK said:

    I was fiddling around with that app that lets you listen to radio stations around the world last night and it inadvertently led me to a station in Bristol I’d never heard of, with a DJ I’d never heard of, playing a brilliant tune I’ve never heard of by a band I’d never heard of.


    And this morning I shelled out twenty notes for the 12” it’s on because the other track on there is brilliant too. And it turns out both tracks are on YouTube with brilliant fan videos! So enjoy brilliant Psychic Mirrors, mes amis:




    Fantastic find. Never hear either of those before. Am doing further research. This thread is still delivering after all these years.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

    That Marta Acuna track is a vocal version of Universal Robot Band’s ‘Thyme’ which is worth checking out too. Think Marta definitely improves it though.


    That’s a killer Kool & The Gang track. Had this album on the other day which is great from back to front. This is a stand out.




    That is a smooth, smooth track. A slightly different sound with the addition of the female vocals. But it's got such a dreamy quality. Yes, that's a great album, I think I am going to give it a listen in full right now.

  12. I mean we all know that Kool and the Gang were basically two incarnations. I mean listen to this groove and compare it to "Joooaaannnaaa"... It's ridiculous how good this is. To be fair, this whole album is utterly fantastic!



  13. On 08/01/2021 at 22:49, Art Vandelay said:

    I love that track! Patrick Adams is a genius as far as I’m concerned.



    Another stunner. You've set me off down a rabbit hole now....

  14. On 08/01/2021 at 10:27, Art Vandelay said:

    Good grief, this one is a monster. On the always reliable Golden Flamingo, home of the relentless cowbell.



    Wow, that's fantastic. Never heard this before.

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