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  1. 10 hours ago, Gotters said:

    I'm up for anything Switch related, but just releasing an updated model that does 4k wouldn't appear a very Nintendo move on the face of it.


    I'll assume they will want to keep full back compatibility to the library, which already has to  work across the original and lite models, and just adding 4k texture packs to current games isn't that appealing, especially as a % of play is handheld and that screen is unlikely to be 4k.


    They don't really ever sell on hardware power so a Switch Pro with more processing adds what exactly to the end user in terms of software - will we see enhanced versions of new games, say a Mario Kart 9 that is enhanced on the Switch Pro beyond just resolution ? Doesn't sound very Nintendo.


    Oh and the method to transfer saves from the old machine will involve a Labo style affair where you fold some paper cups to insert into a port and attach them with string between the machines. 



    It was going so well until your last paragraph. 

  2. I'm a recent switch owner. I just couldn't get on with the joycons. Too lightweight and fiddly. I stumped up the cash for the pro controller and it's like night and day. Vastly superior in every way. It's a must as far as I'm concerned.

  3. 3 hours ago, pulsemyne said:

    The sequel is much better. Really great game.

    It does look pretty good from what I have seen. It's definitely on my watch list. I was having issues with the camera in Yooka Laylee, but changing to "Classic" in the options has sorted it out. A very solid 8 from me now.

  4. Just playing Yooka Laylee. Although a bit floaty and rough around the edges, I am really enjoying it. Some very funny scripting. I love Trowser and the accompanying "voice"... A complete ode to Banjo and Kazooie which I adored. I love a collectathon too. "Trowsers Worldwide Incredible Traders"


  5. 8 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

    Oh the other Konami Collection, Arcade Classics is £3.99 too.

    Thanks for the heads up. It's a steal at that price. Scramble, Nemesis/Gradius, Lifeforce and Vulcan Venture are all quality old school arcade shooters.

  6. I've got a collection of games starting from the SNES till modern days that I'm wanting to move on. Got Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, GameCube, stuff. I'm not a collector, but I never get rid of anything I've bought, mainly through laziness. But the cupboard is jammed and I need the room. I can assure you it's all genuine, but I'm not going to be opening carts to prove it. Would anybody be interested? Is it best to load these up to a Google Doc to see what I've got? 

  7. Gutted. Probably the most influential band on my musical life. Planet Rock was the catalyst. But when I discovered Bambaata had ripped it from Kraftwerk, it opened up a whole new world. RIP Florian.

  8. On the weekend before lockdown I was in some pretty swanky, pretentious bar in Shoreditch. However, two young lads had some turntables in the corner playing some cracking disco tracks. This was one of them. Such a great tune. Perhaps even wandering into Yacht Rock territory. Dreamy...




  9. 2 hours ago, deKay said:


    Not sure what the Sky remote has to do with the Switch?

    Neither am I. But it only started working again once I had unplugged anything Switch related from the TV, Amp and the plug socket. I've since updated theJoycons from the settings menu and all appears to be OK.

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