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  1. sounds a bit like "breath of fire: dragon quarter" and "PSO". Both of which i enjoyed, so count me in. AND finally a game with BRITISH accents HURRAH !! take that jonney foreigner. I prey the words "Marvelious", "spiffing" and "cup of tea anyone" are used regularly
  2. I'm going to go with FF7 because I've finished that 3 times and only got half way through Skies before i got pissed of with the american voices and dodgy combat. 20 or 30 hours i think Saying that .... i do always think i'll go back to it one day. I havn't sold it yet and the Dreamcast is still working
  3. yeah, i thought that too. Sexy and dangerious, grrrrrh. It was interesting the comment about Tetris never showing you your succes only your failure. I'd never thought about it like that before. *hmmmm skratches chin in thoughtful manner*
  4. a bit of cynasicm would go a long way. Aim at the 25-35 bracket , we're the ones buying the games afterall. NOT the kids, who are rubbish. Bitz was good, just on too late and spent a little too much time on the girls.
  5. large breasts on page 19 shocker
  6. It's just dropped through the door and it's all shiny and new Who wants the scores. Hidden or not ?
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