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  1. Hey I'm new here, but this Kerraig fellow seems like a pretty cool and happening guy!
  2. In anything other than close quarters aren’t you just going to be spraying rounds all over the shop with no stock?
  3. I’m one of these people who thinks Star Wars is ‘pretty good’. I don’t love it like most people do. But this? This was phenomenal. And yes. I now have a Baby Yoda teddy.
  4. I have just finished this. I would have given up on it but a friend of mine was raving about it, and I always recommend stuff for her to watch and she does, so I almost felt compelled! It’s ok. Some of the fight scenes felt really solid. The one at the start with that huge guy covered in blood was intense. But mostly it felt like someone has given an upper/middle class fan of Martina Coles books a big budget and they think this is what organised crime looks like.
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