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  1. How can they "move to blu-rays" with a software update and a new disc format? It'd need new hardware and they ain't gonna be rolling that out to existing users.
  2. ! You're playing a game called Dragon Age and you didn't expect ?
  3. Not all of us! Played guitar for around 23 years, played dozens (if not hundreds) of gigs, and I still loved Guitar Hero Metallica
  4. Yeah, I've had that for quite a few specialisations now - I'd assumed it was 'cos I downloaded Ostagar last week when it was briefly available and it's got a know specialisation problem - have been hoping the problem would go away once they issue a fix.
  5. Quickly? Pffft. Nothing quick about this game
  6. There you go again. Considered replies = insults from Shagger
  7. So, I presume it all kicked off from SweatyTravolta's use of "nerdo"? Next was some rolly eyes. Then we get and Edit: If you're really this sensitive then I suggest the internet's not the place for you. By perpetuating the situation you are certainly making yourself look like the "problem".
  8. Aye, very true. Perhaps you should try it too?
  9. My letter just said "serviced your xbox ... per the terms of the xbox warranty" and it's the same case (same scratches on the back), but I'm having to re-install all my games or else they play from the discs, so I assume it's "new" innards. I'm quite happy though - 10 day turn-around seems quite good to me :-)
  10. Get OpenOffice for you daughter. It's free and saves to MS Office formats. That's what I've done. Edit: Did it really take me that long to read that page?
  11. Got mine back on Friday. It didn't complain about the installed games, but didn't use them either - everything was playing from the discs. Deleting and reinstalling "fixes" it for me. Guess it must be a "new" machine inside the old box then.
  12. Got my first (an E74) yesterday when the wee guy tried to play Forza 3 Lasted nearly two years I guess.
  13. Yep, same here. Never managed to find other players yet. NAT appears to be fine, other games are fine. Forza's crap though - storefront doesn't even work for me :-( Very disappointing as I only got Gold for Forza in the first place :-(
  14. In the US only no doubt. I'm gonna be buying blu-rays as long as my broadband is limited to 2mb and all these nice steaming services are US only.
  15. Well, that brightened up my afternoon
  16. Isn't the "reward" that you get to compete on the leaderboards?
  17. Right, gotcha Didn't help that I'd never heard of the show, and it took me 5 minutes of staring at that one line of text before I spotted the typo - blind to my own stupidity
  18. Nope. Afraid I don't get it. I do like his orange rubber gloves though :-)
  19. Amen! I can pause my music if the phone rings, I can pause my DVD/Blu-ray if the doorbell goes, these days I can even pause live TV FFS, but I can't pause a video in a game? Should be part of the certification process - ie. manadatory.
  20. It's lovely init. I sat watching it muttering "I can't believe this was filmed 27 years ago!" all the way through it.
  21. Have you seen the rubix cube video? Yes, I'd say he was feeling smug :-)
  22. I seem to remember reading that they just couldn't get the tech working well enough - only ever got it running at 4-5 fps - and eventually they just gave up. Shame, as it looked great.
  23. I only got the dash on the 11th and it's a huuuge improvement for me. First thing I go into in marketplace now has a 10-20 second delay, after which everything is very fast - previously I'd get 3-4 minute delays on everything I went into.
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