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  1. Quite. The main disappointment I felt when I first tried the PC demo (apart from the confusing interface) was that apart from better graphics, a cool physics engine and a bit of simplification, it seemed to be exactly the same as the first game. Now that I've tried the Xbox demo the interface and simplification now make sense, and over the past month I've decided that I don't mind if it's not much different 'cos the first game was so damn good
  2. Well, after playing the PS2 demo I thought the Xbox demo was great. And if you're saying that the final build is even better then I can't wait 'til March (or whenever the hell it's out here)
  3. In your opinion. Of course it's his fucking opinion or he wouldn't of said it. That pisses me off. Not the grammar, but that fact that people can't just accept that everything anyone says is an opinion. Stop telling them it's their opinion - they know it is! Pedantic bastards the lot of them
  4. And as that'll never happen and I'll not be trusting the pre-launch hype again, I'll just have to use my experience and gut feeling ... ... then again, that's maybe why I've got things like an Atari TT, a Jaguar and a Game Gear gathering dust in the loft ...
  5. Oh, I quite agree that it should be about the games, and in the long run (ie. at this point in the current generation) it is about the games. I'm just saying that at the start of the next generation you've got nothing but "their" word for it that the games will be any good - it'll be months before we'll be able to really tell if a console is worth it for the games or not. For example - if Sony turn round and say that the PS3 is going to have theee most wicked games imaginable and show all sorts of snazzy screen and demos, should I believe them that it'll be gaming nirvana if the only PS2 game I ever liked was Ico? No, I'd probably use my experience of this generation as a guide and decide to buy the safer bet (for me) of a Microsoft or Nintendo console (Edit: knowing that they'll inevitably have updates of franchises I know I like) and wait and see how the PS3 games pan out over time. I really think that if you (not you personally) say that you're not going to be influenced by how this generation turned out and get yourself suckered by the pre-launch hype, you might well end up feeling a little p'd off when you later realise you've bought the wrong one - as I would have felt if I'd bought an Xbox at launch based on the prospect of getting my grubby mits on Fable Edit 2: Then again, I might end up feeling a fool for sticking with what I know and not trying something new ... swings and roundabouts
  6. I played it last night and I thought it played much better than the PC version. It's obvious now that the interface was designed for a pad from the start - it works fine, unlike the way the horribly fiddly PC version fells. I was really put off by the PC version, but the Xbox demo has got me keen again
  7. Tosh. I got my xbox at launch day and had Amped, PGR, rallisport challenge, Halo and Dead or Alive 3 to enjoy. Greatest launch line up in gaming history. Fair enough - I'm not a snowboarding or beat em up fan, but I think I would've liked PGR (and possibly Rallisport) come to think of it But you have to admit that of the big "WOW!" games being touted at Xbox's launch - a good few of them still haven't shown up yet.
  8. I'm not so sure that's really going to help. If you look back at the PS2 and Xbox pre-launch lineups you have games like The Getaway, Fable, BC and most famously Malice, being touted as examples of these wonderful new machines. Okay The Getaway came out eventually, but a long time after the PS2's launch and to a very cool reception. On the other hand most of the games that did came out at the launch of these consoles were pretty shoddy really (with the possible exception of Halo). If you bought an Xbox at launch based on the games being touted at the time you'd have been playing nothing but Halo for about 18 months and you'd still be waiting for Fable and Malice. (That's not to say that the Xbox is crap - I love my Xbox, but no thanks to most of the games that were being touted at launch). I'm beginning to think that the only way to tell what's going to be worth buying next time is to look at what each company has achieved this generation as a pointer to the future, take into account what they're claiming their new machine can do (with a pinch of salt) and go with your gut - 'cos nobody will really know for a good few months after launch. Currently my gut and my personal experience of this generation is leaning me towards Microsoft (with Nintendo a close second) - but that's just me
  9. Sounds like a lot of speculation on the DPA with no one actually finding out any facts. According to the DPA: So, until someone makes a written request all this talk is nothing more than gossip and speculation. It even at one point says: So, for the purposes of crime prevention they can probably collect whatever info they like. I can also find no reference to anything that says that you have to have a purpose for collecting data. It simply says that if you are collecting data to be processed you must be willing and able to disclose what you're doing with it (in response to a written request). The DPA is there to stop companies misusing the data they collect, not to stop them collecting it in the first place.
  10. You assume "everyone" got their Xbox's a while ago Only got my Xbox at the beginning of the month and I'm about half way through The Maw on Normal. Nearly there ... Excellent game - as soon as it's finished I'll be starting again on Heroic
  11. Yay! Don't know about you but I tend to use my Xbox exactly as if it was a games console. Hence, why I voted for Games Console in the poll
  12. But by that logic, I could say that this post is a console. That's it's intended function, but it doesn't make it true. So what do you think Willei's Post #179? I've not come up with a catchier name yet... So, explain to me what makes the fridge door that you've just bludgeoned me with still a fridge door? Other than the fact that the manufacturer declared it to be a fridge door and fitted it to the front of a fridge?geonin It would still be a fridge door: it would also be a head bludgeoning device. Police would probably report that you'd been beaten round the head with a large blunt instrument, meaning the fridge door is also a large blunt instrument. Isn't it amazing how something can fit more than one definition at once! And when the judge asked "and what was the large blunt item in question?" the policeman would reply"it was a fridge door your honour". Don't know what point I'm trying to make really
  13. But by that logic, I could say that this post is a console. That's it's intended function, but it doesn't make it true. So what do you think Willei's Post #179? I've not come up with a catchier name yet... So, explain to me what makes the fridge door that you've just bludgeoned me with still a fridge door? Other than the fact that the manufacturer declared it to be a fridge door and fitted it to the front of a fridge?
  14. Okay, maybe I should have said intended application. But it is that intended application that makes it what it is. It's the fact that it came from a fridge and was intended to be used as a fridge door that makes it a fridge door - not what it's made of.
  15. Well, what do you know. The first post of this individual, and it's in fact a lot more clever than anything said in this thread (or in another) in a long while. Keep it comin', son Aw heck - that's was it I'm afraid. My one clever comment It just strikes me as obvious that (as someone said earlier in the thread) it's the application of an item which determines what it is. You don't look at a wooden wardrobe and say "my shed's made of wood, has four walls and a roof, has doors on one end, and has shelves inside, just like this so called wardrobe, therefore this it is actually a shed and I shall use it for storing my lawnmower!". No, you look at the wardrobe, it's position in the house, it's size, it's aesthetics, and you use what you've learned about the world, and your instinct is to hang clothes in it. And in the same way, I look at my Xbox and think "games console", I certainly don't think "well, it's got an intel processor and a harddrive, so where do I plug in my printer then?" Yes, the Xbox is technically a PC, but only in the same sense that a wardrobe is techincally a shed.
  16. As the saying goes, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it's a duck. However, the Xbox doesn't look like a PC, crash like a PC, take as long to boot up as a PC, have driver issues like a PC, run PC software ... yes, technically it's a PC but using an Xbox just doesn't feel anything like using a PC. In fact it feels very like using a games consolse ...
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