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  1. To be fair, I think it was more of a Spindizzy ripoff: Bobby Bearing Spindizzy But then that was all back in the good-old days of ripping games off without consequence
  2. What happened to micro-transactions. 400 points is a full blown transaction - nothing micro about it. These things should be true micro-transactions, 5, 10, 15, 20 - then they'd shift loads of the damn things.
  3. I don't see why number of users on the new vs old dashboard would affect the speed. They're both accessing the same data on the same servers. It's more likely to be something in the dashboard code itself that's been the problem (and that appears to have been fixed) and it shouldn't be affected by new vs old dashboard users.
  4. I really never understood the Alien 3 hate - I always thought it was rather good. Resurrection on the other hand ... eugh!
  5. Navigating around the dash isn't slow at all, until I select something in the marketplace - then it can take 1-2 minutes for some empty tabs to appear and another 1-2 minute for them to be populated and become usable. Really puts me off checking for new demos or add-ons ...
  6. Loved that level apart from the crap Scottish accent - is it a "tengo" or a "tangow"?
  7. Same decision will work fine.
  8. Liberty Prime reminded me of the Iron Giant, which for me fit right into the 50's theme. If you haven't seen that film then you should - it's great :-)
  9. You have to ask after 342 pages of love?
  10. I don't remember Campfire_Burning's criteria including "and it needs to be a game I like too"
  11. Haven't heard anything, but I'd imagine it's to do with planning. Anchorage and The Pitt will have been underway long before the game actually came out, so when the clamour for more levels started they were probably too far down the road on Anchorage and The Pitt to "squeeze" a new level cap in.
  12. HappyCat

    Far Cry 2

    No. I did all the arms dealer missions, all the underground missions, around half the cell-tower missions and half of the buddy missions. But I'm not a collect-a-holic or achievement whore so I did virtually no guard post "collecting", didn't go out of my way to find any diamonds (but still got enough in-passing to buy all the equipment I actually wanted), and generally only bothered with safe houses that I passed nearby (probably got half to two-thirds of them). It was also spread over 7 weeks (I don't get much play time these days) so it didn't feel rushed at all.
  13. HappyCat

    Far Cry 2

    Finished this last night - 30 hours - longest I've spent with a game since Oblivion Not sure why some folks don't seem to like the ending(s). I thought the final outcome ( ) was highly appropriate ( ). Also had no problems whatsoever with All in, one of my favourite games for years
  14. HappyCat

    Far Cry 2

    At 96% (in the final stretch) on 360 and not had any of the bugs I've read about. No saves that wouldn't load, no enemies firing backwards or from inside scenery, no missions I couldn't complete. I've been using 8 saves (more out of habit than paranoia). I know game breaking bugs can be soul destroying, but don't let the thought spoil the game for you - it might never happen :-) Definetely my GOTY 2008.
  15. HappyCat

    Far Cry 2

    Yeah, that one stumped me at first - I think it's been the only mission so far that I haven't done first time (playing on "normal" difficulty). Took me 5 or 6 attempts, but got it in the end. I think I ended ignoring the fixed cannons on the barge and instead crouched at the back of the barge with the rocket launcher that's outside the captain's cabin. Also, there's a guy with a rocket launcher at the far side of the lake that's a pain - snipe him ASAP. After that mission things got back to normal - it's a flawed game, but a great one
  16. You can indeed do timetrials with Silver, with local ghosts, but no leaderboards or downloading ghosts. It's the first game to ever really tempt me to go Gold.
  17. Typical - at least I don't have any of the other 4
  18. Tried to install Crackdown to the HD last night and it would let me - didn't realise it wouldn't work with every game It's great when it does work though
  19. Well I've got them all (since he started on Escapist anyway - the Heavenly Sword one) on my flash drive and and there's now 59 of them - which makes it over a year - and still funny
  20. I think you're entirely right there - it'll be doing some DRM checking to see if it's allowed to list the game for your profile. Edit: and though it's probably quicker, the 120Gb drive is still annoying slow at listing games
  21. Mine certainly doesn't. Had to reformat my external drive to Fat32 to get the 360 to see it.
  22. Well, it says in the manual that you have to provide it - don't you have to prove it's within warrant? And I don't have the actual card any more - it expired and I got a new one.
  23. The right hinge (as you face the screens) on my son's White DS Lite went about 3 months ago - big crack, whole thing just flops about now. Didn't realise it was a common thing - and it's still in warranty - will get it sent back pronto - cheers
  24. I meant Preacher actually - sounds like he's just started listening to me - unless it's an elaborate double-double-bluff.
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