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  1. Has anyone actually received this from HMV? We just had to get a replacement for a CD that we ordered from them that didn't arrive after 2 weeks. We're now hoping the same isn't happening again - but then again if everyone is still waiting then it's probably not that.
  2. Now that is cool! And about the timing being more forgiving. Thanks god for that! Playing the real thing is a lot more forgiving than GH1.
  3. Er, actually, no. Some of us are unfortunate people that have been screwed over by a combination of building developers (putting in fibre cable for the whole town - yep, thanks for that) and BT (being unwilling to do anything about it until very recently). Looks like we might get a break soon (finally, 4 years after our exchange was converted), but to imply that all dialup users actively choose not to have broadband just makes me MAD!!! And yes, HL2 was a pain to get going on dialup, took about 3 hours of downloading after installing it from the DVD. Good game once it was going though
  4. Exactly. If people are daft enough to actually pay for it then that's their own problem.
  5. Eh? You think they should keep us all in suspence for a few days? Or maybe they can't decide either?
  6. Christ, my 5 year old can barely walk across the room without tripping over his feet - that's pretty damn impressive!
  7. Eh? Don't understand that at all. I thought the controls (along with the rest of the game) were lovely Keep meaning to go back and play through it again.
  8. It's okay, got Juice working. Turns out you have to put http:// in front of your proxy server name - first time I've seen that
  9. Any other podcast receiver recommendations? Juice doesn't work for me - won't actually connect to anything
  10. Okay, so where do I put the proxy settings then? Edit: Aha! Found it on the zee-3 forums
  11. I'm going to join the Beta tomorrow (it's pay day) so I'll let you know
  12. No worries - just thought I'd ask
  13. Same here - our uni sends all internet traffic through a proxy - dunno if NW allows you to specify a proxy these days, the Alphas didn't. Actually, just posted the same question here before I noticed this thread. Texture worked fine on an Intel 82915G Express.
  14. John, previously when using the Alpha versions I couldn't send turns from work because you didn't have a way for me to specify the address of the proxy that everything goes through here. Just wondering if that's been added? Not that it'll stop me playing at home mind
  15. In the Alpha versions there was a config file (can't remember what it's called, but it should be pretty obvious) where you could adjust all sorts of things. I got it to run fine in a windows on my (crap old) PC by fiddling with that file.
  16. http://www.zee-3.com/nakedwar/download.php
  17. I know what you mean. I'm gonna have to wait 'til pay day (next Wednesday - not too far away) to sign up. The Alpha version was great, so I'd imagine this'll be just as fab
  18. Here at work I've got a Dell with onboard Intel gfx and the alpha versions used to run fine so I presume the final version'll be fine too. It's great fun too - I kept meaning to start playing again. Hmm ... beta, here I come Edit: As for the cost - at current exchange rates it's basically 53p per game when you buy a batch of 20 games (cheaper if you buy bigger batches), with what amounts to a guarantee of an hours play for each game. 53p for an hours play - sounds like pretty good value to me
  19. Yeah, and that worked out great didn't it
  20. Well, I think that's cleared it up for me anyway
  21. Man, just going through that while listening to the song makes me want this soooooo much. Is the "game" side of it enough to hold the interest of an experienced guitar player? I'd be loathe to spend £50 and then get bored of it quickly, but I've got a feeling I'd love it :-)Edit: Perhaps it's just been answered ^
  22. What screenshots? They're all "unavailable" now
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