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  1. Finally got this last week (Play.com are selling the Xbox version for a tenner). I loved Sands of Time but never played Warrior Within (well I tried the demo, but didn't think much of the combat-heavy start) so apart from having missed a few plot points (Kaileena who?) Two Thrones seems pretty much like a continuation of Sands of Time with some nice extras (new moves, dual-weapons, speed kills) and some of the annoyances sorted out (the combination of speed kills and having the combat spread quite thinly around the platforming sections is making the combat much less annoying that it was in SoT). Overall I'm really enjoying it - I'm actually playing it more that Colossus right now, but that's probably 'cos I'm a big girly wimp and Colossus was starting to get tricky
  2. Got it for Christmas (wife had found in it Dixons for £5) and I actually quite enjoyed it - not particularly clever or imaginitive, but it kept me entertained for a while. And all the moaning about "not being able to jump" - why do people get so hung up on it? Once you know it's not possible you just forget it and get on with the things you can do. However, I do agree that the sniper rifle was badly implemented - it was unnecessarily tricky to use. Overall, it was pretty good value for a fiver
  3. Don't they call it "corporal punishment"?
  4. HappyCat


    Played through it for the 3rd time a few weeks ago. I'd come straight off God of War (a technically superior game probably) but I still loved every minute in the castle. And you can keep your pistons, the only bit that frustrated me (and has done so every time I've played it) was ... Anyway, wonderful game
  5. It's not so much that some games don't work very well - I can understand that, it's just shoddy code. It's the fact that the results vary between machines that I find worrying. Surely, if an emulated game works on one 360 it should work on them all?
  6. You know, if I hadn't read the topic title I'd swear you were talking about PCs. What happened to consoles just working and all being the same?
  7. I fail to see the "idiocy" in that approach.
  8. I tend to think that that's why MS didn't wait to put an HD DVD in the 360.HD support for games is (probably) pretty trivial (it's basically just a higher resolution - like PCs have been doing for years) and gives them a wow-factor selling point, but waiting for a piece of hardware that you don't know when it's going to be ready, will increase the cost of your console, and will probably never be (fully) used by most of your (SD TV owning) customers probably didn't sound like a good idea. Technology fantasies aside, it sounds like a no-brainer to me. Edit: As for these proposed add on drives - eugh! Sounds like it'll end up in a mess to me. Besides by the time I buy an HD TV I'll probably be able to pick up players in Tesco for £30 anyway
  9. Got it for christmas - haven't had a whole lot of time to play it but have just reached the entrance to Pandora's temple. Loving it so far. It's only really frustrated me once so far in the Oracle's temple (I think it was): Hopefully play some more tonight - as long as I don't get distracted by Killzone again (of all things!).
  10. Certainly was a good game.Yep, cost was the extra processor - I think I paid £50 for it, but I got plenty of play from it - a bunch of friends and I used to get together once a week to play games (sometimes on the megadrive, sometime pen-and-paper roleplaying) and we loved that game. I've still got it under the bed in the spare room ... might have to dig it out now
  11. It certainly doesn't compare well to last Christmas' game-fest, that's for sure.
  12. Strange as I find my Xbox to be much quieter than my PS2. Ach, it'll be a while before I can aford one anyway so use use worrying right now I guess
  13. I don't get those who dislike the ending.
  14. Is it really that bad? I found the PS2 to be offensively loud (to the point where I don't play it when anyone else is in the room 'cos I know it's gotta be bugging the shit out of them). I presume it's worse than that?
  15. I wonder why ... Kameo of course! Edit: Which reminds me, I need to download the latest build.
  16. But how many posts has it been and how many of those points been (seriously) discussed so far? Yes, the thread could be used to discuss those points, but that's never what actually happens is it? It decends straight into the moan-fest that Squirtle was compaining about. But not by much.I'd like a connection to your idealised version of the internet please
  17. Maybe. Still doesn't help you if you can't actually get BB though (my exchange was converted 2 years ago, but we're on fibre so can't get it - and yes, I am bitter and get easily annoyed when people spout rubbish like "everyone's on BB these days").
  18. I love the way they call King King a "sleeper hit" - isn't that a phrase that you attach to something after it's eventually been successful following a slow start? Wooo Spong are psychic now too!
  19. Keep reading - he was having a larf wiff ya's.
  20. Hmm. I have exact the same setup (as far as he described) and mine struggled at 800x600. I was just grateful that it ran okay on my laptop.
  21. But you still have the CDs right? Like I put away all my PC games once they're installed and the CD check has been removed. I still like to have my CDs to re-install from though.
  22. As long as Bioware are still in business.While I love the idea of downloading stuff, I think this has to be addressed before it becomes the norm. What's the chances that you'll actually be able to re-download your non-physical version of Half-Life 2 in 20 years time for some retro-gaming? Feck all probably.
  23. Didn't think it was *that* bad but it took the Jump In thing too literally - couldn't been worse, could've had game footage. The others I've seen (skipping ropes and water balloons) were just saying jump in and have fun. Much better.
  24. CDs? DVDs? The difference is that HMV and Virgin aren't trying to flog you 2nd hand stuff in preference to new. Is that 'cos the full price for CDs and DVDs isn't such a "rip off" as full price games? Probably?
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