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  1. Is the demo out today? Can't see it on live yet ...
  2. Definitely get rid of those stickers.
  3. TV Buddies! I got the 40" Version just this weekend. Well made up as i thought I'd have to settle for a 32/37" as it looked like I wouldn't have the space for anything larger! I just have to get the rest of my consoles out of storage now! Currently sitting on my old Panasonic CRT stand, going shopping for a new stand this w/e hopefully
  4. This is fucking banging. Thanks! x
  5. Is Acid House permitted? DJ Pierre - Box Energy http://youtube.com/watch?v=k_Dx5bNmfBA
  6. Who'd actually care if they reopened or not? It's basically the Yates Wine Lodge of music venues, i.e. shit and full of full-on cunts.
  7. I'm northern. We had a glut of the stuff about 3 months back as my brother had been over to France. So we just about stuffed as much of it on crackers, bread, each other as we could. LOL! Then the girlfriends French cousin came over and gave us some bigging it up and we found out the stuff she had been bringing was basically the french-kwik-save-own-brand version (if such a thing could ever exist) Still tasty. Either way, it's tasty and we properly maxed out on it. I do not care if its cruel as I am a real man.
  8. I got a Bodum teapot for a fiver in the sale. Its got a thingy inside for REAL tea and everything. GOD I LOVE TKMAXX.
  9. Note; I've found tk-maxx pretty good for kitchenwear. Huge savings to be had, although your never going to get near ASDA prices. On the flip-side it tends to be all pretty decent stuff and, yep, they get Le Creuset in from time to time - although it doesn't stay on the shelves for long.
  10. St Petersburg on York St, Liverpool. The "Rasputin In Flame" is the best thing I've ever fucking eaten. True to its name it arrives ON FIRE and comes with a shot of vodka. WickedAmazin' selection of Rusky beers and voddy. http://www.russiancuisine.co.uk/index.php
  11. Had this ages ago and just mentioned it in #edge - thought I'd share the love.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartiflette http://www.cuisine-french.com/cgi/mdc/l/en...flette_ill.html Any waxy spud will do. A version of the recipe on waittroses site says cube up the Reblochon, don't. Enjoy!
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