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  1. i sold a load of four year old avid pci cards on ebay for 490£ before xmas. they came in a 150£ mac that i kept. bonus. ebay, madness.
  2. my text alert is the master systems boot up sound. normal ring is the main tune from viewpoint. the main arse about the 6610 is that it can only play 4 channels at a time.. so sometimes more complex midi files (ie; > 4 channel ) sound rather shite. thankfully the nokia software lets you mess with the midi files.. i'll upload the amened viewpoint midi or pm it if anyone is interested.
  3. my first import was the us version of hellfire for the megadrive.
  4. sod the points.. i'll have a pint.
  5. anyone remember zookeeper from a while back? well, it looks like a ps2 version has joined the gba version released around the end of last year. the ps2 version is around 14£ (jap only). Amazingly good value (imho) and addictive as hell. more details here. pc shockwave version ps2 version can't find any links for the gba version.. might already be out of print
  6. to be fair.. razor1911 had been active on the warez scene since the early 90's.. if you took into consideration the lost revenue then the sentance seems quite right.... plus all the other stuff..
  7. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page....me=pub&aid=2967 harsh..
  8. is that the mothership? fooking amazing graphics, esp when the ship "rotates" so you are looking down @ the city below... isn't the music great as well?
  9. oh, and if anyone can explain in simple terms how the AI battle thing works i'd be made up. its beyond me..
  10. to be honest it could do with losing a few ships.. as mentioned, most are the same ship tarted up with *slightly* differing weapons that make little or no difference. some are utterly useless.
  11. i've had it on jap for about 5 weeks now.. pros: amazing graphics (although level one is a bit sparse). really good "mood" music. tons of ships w/ differing weapons. cons: some of the ships are useless. slows down like a bastard A LOT of the time. its ace thou. a must buy for 25£.
  12. you could pick up a decent rr1 sitdown cab for ~£300 about 3(?) years ago. one place had one for sale for AGES.. bit big you see.. the stand up machines are crap and should be avoided at all costs..
  13. rr1 is still in my local arcade @ 30p per go - i just wish they'd sort the wheel out, its been veering to the left for at least 4 years now and its starting to get on my nerves.
  14. oh, and highlighting the utter fanboy rantings of amazon reviews is nothing new..
  15. do you mean NEG? http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=27794
  16. it does get rather long in the tooth after a while. i honestly think people see the platform that its on then the treasure logo @ start up and go all gooey eyed. the music, presentation & graphics can't be faulted thou.
  17. The only 2004 release that I think about once in every while would be the treasue/konami produced gradius (5? - i loose count blink: ). of course there are others.. but im not to bothered about them edit: how could i forget.. gt 4 !! DUH!
  18. sounds interesting.. although I wait with bated breath to see if killer 7 is going to be any cop..
  19. afaik its quite good.. plus both the cd and 12" are limited numbers- ..esp @ only 4.99£
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