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  1. blame the HATERS! the rest of us LOVE it.
  2. Its ace, deepest drum lines in any Beastie's album ever? I think so. Like Benny has pointed out, you need a decent system or failing that a decent set of 'phones to enjoy this album to its full potential.
  3. The first 10 second of this track is the best thing i've heard all week. I think its fucking ace - Maybe thats cos im a techno kid?
  4. See above posts.. It's still class. The cheeky scamp even uses the some of the same samples from the 'Amen series.. When do we go out for drinks again?
  5. Any Luke Vibert fans here? Well, the CD version of lukes "Kerrier District" disco off-shoot is out on CD on the 7th of June after being vinyl only for the past 5 months. You can check out some samples here. (Or just get the rather nice 3 disc vinyl release thats been out for months!)
  6. aye, its not half bad. nice one dunc.
  7. you can't live in the past forever!
  8. Nice list.. But what about the fucking techno?
  9. you should get this; http://www.warprecords.com/mart/music/rele...P164&fc_type=CD PREFUSE73 - EXTINGUISHED: OUTTAKES 6.99£ as well! OMFG!!!
  10. they need to add a horn and insult button.
  11. No – but that list has errors.
  12. that list, btw, is VERY inaccurate.
  13. Actually, it seems more accurate than the others i've seen.. ie.. a few more classics and no Ferraris/Porsches
  14. is that the same bullshit list i've seen posted on a thousand other boards?
  15. "yoseph" luke vibert "squarepusher theme" squarepusher "hands all over" soundgarden "come on you slags!" aphex twin "margin walker" fugazi "house of jealous lovers" the rapture
  16. dj mix by ED DMX of dmx krew/breakin' records set list here.
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