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  1. up in the northwest we still get tony fucking wilson.
  2. jeff mills gran

    Mix CDs

    i have the jeff mills peel session from a while back on mp3.. does that count?
  3. sony showing a lack of organisation and drive with regards to online gaming that would make even nintendo of europe blush.
  4. sc2>sc. evo requires a completely different style of play and shouldnt even be mentioned.
  5. honest? fucking shite. reason: they offered absolutely nothing new to the table, and they where the best of a fairly awful bunch at the time – which would explain why they got signed in the first place. slash was ace thou.
  6. radiohead fanboys to boot.
  7. my local asda had them for 12£ last august.
  8. ohhh. hang on.. heres cacky.. he'll know..
  9. I thought Mojib Ribon was basically unplayable for westerners that don’t know the lingo? Does the review take this into consideration? Yours worried vibri fanboy.
  10. drilland is just the best mr driller on ANY format.. the four player mode is just insane, esp with the keeeeeeeerrrrrrrazy music "lalalalalal lalalala". pity it doesn't love the freeloader - prob worth picking up a cheap jap cube for.
  11. correct. 10/10. goto the top of the class. selling out is having a certain set of values then "cashing" them in at a later date.
  12. the reissue of the uber rare black devil "disco club" is out soon.. http://www.rephlex.com/2001releases/cat146/cat146.html "tipped for uk charts" hmmm.
  13. it'd be afterburner 3, http://www.system16.com/sega/hrdw_xboard.html#ab but yes. another afterburner please.
  14. it has two power connectors so pc gamers can wank about it.
  15. what? the band? that would be the one i've already got you daft git.
  16. gets boring after about two weeks. nice arse thou.
  17. luke vibert uses reason as well, fact fans. i seriously doubt he JUST uses it thou... anyway, i can't wait to see what bollocks the prodigy come up with to further more embarrass themselves and slip even further down the greasy pole of mediocrity. see; shadow of former selves.
  18. right.. i've downloaded some throbbing gristle.. i have; hamburger Lady, hot on the heels of love, subhuman, AB/7A & 66 60's. i *love* ab/7a and hot on the heels of love.. not too keen on the the rest.. although i love the detuned doom-ness c/w with drum machine beats in the background. what should i look for next? any albums i should go out and buy?
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