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  1. digi fan boys can be rough can't then?
  2. who can tell?! it's worth getting if you've got the gear to play it. IMHO.
  3. the trance vibrator is this; a waste of money.
  4. a fair bit, but any idiot can work out whats going on. gamefaqs have a decent guide that will help you on your way as well.
  5. .: it .: came .: from .: stupid .: head.
  6. Da dah dah dah, dah da dah dah, dah dah dah, dada dah dadadadada dah dah dah!
  7. its a fucking class film and i'll kick the living(dead) shit out of anyone who says otherwise. xx love, jmg
  8. "why mod chips are bad"
  9. do all games sold in this country have to have BBFC ratings?
  10. well..a portable device is, well.. portable.. why should it function differently when it leaves one region to another? consoles like the ps2 are static its make more sense to attempt to enforce a regional lockout. oh and you know the argument against mod chips.. simple fact of life, as a by-product they allow people to use copied games. end off. edit: spelling. its early.
  11. well, you don't carry around a ps2 in hand luggage to you? think about it.
  12. it is. its fucking amazing. so good i forgot to do drugs last night.
  13. yes. it has 4 times more zombies! yay!
  14. i'd imagine this is to target individuals/groups who the FBI have reason to believe might use the services as a secure way to pass information to/from that is deemed to be a threat to the USA (and allies) security. i'll also go out on a limb and say that the organisations involved are doing the right thing and making sure the ability is in place now to wire tap these instead of a year down the line when they are getting tip-off’s about the above and can't do a thing about it. its called covering your arse..
  15. i don't know.. i think day could of done with being a bit longer in parts.. for instance, events leading upto the team being in the underground silo.. granted, its still one of my fave films.. and shits on dawd of the dead remake from a great height. [off topic] impo the remake is better than 28 days later - yes.. i know '28 ISN'T a zombie film - but i feal that it "borrows" heavily from both the genre/romeros original dawn that the comparison is more than valid. [/off topic] oh, and running zombies is a big nono.
  16. i'd of liked to of seen a remake of day of the dead, since theres a good chance that a modern remake with the benefit of hindsight and a bigger budget could make it shine more.
  17. you must be thinking of somthing else.. dawn of the dead is considered to be the one of the best (if not THE best) zombie films of all time.
  18. http://www.archive.org/movies/movies-detai...the_living_dead according to the above, its now public domain due to an error in obtaining copyright..
  19. i failed.. mostly due to having about 6 d's to contend with..
  20. please stop mentioning electronic artists! they aren't classified as noise, unless your grandmother is describing them .. "ohhhhh its all just noise to me deary!" oh and sonic youth is WAAAAAAY off, unless your talking about the SYR series and, at a PUSH, "confusion is sex" EDIT: http://www.smellslikerecords.com/sonicyouth/ <-- SYR stuff, 1-3 are "good".. there was the "metal machine music" like release "silver session" http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...9683419-5691049
  21. jeff mills gran


    yup, but the AFX remix is NOT better than the original - and I'll supply the original 808 state version and some cotton buds if you don’t believe me on the subject of the mixes for cash album, the aphex twin version of the gentle peoples "journey (aphex twin care mix)" is MANY times better than the original and quite, quite magical.
  22. [tosser]it looks gay and kiddy!!11 LOLZ!![/tosser] it looks great... beautiful but in a basic sort of way.. gameplay details anyone?
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