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  1. i'd like to see a gradius game that isn't just a re-hash.
  2. those screens just don't do it for me.. whats this version of gradius got that sets it apart from the other versions that i've already played to death?
  3. when we meet, i'm going to kiss you. hard. x
  4. bonus points if you name where some of the weapons from the other ships come from..
  5. thats too much of a good idea. looks amazin' thou.
  6. you can pick it up from play asia for 29.54£ - that includes 7-10 day postage.
  7. some ships are utterly useless. how many are in the PAL game? i seem to remember a nasty rumour that they planned to trim the selection down somewhat from the jap ntsc version 100(?).
  8. the dawn of the dead remake is quite good.
  9. waaaaaaay off the mark.. the ps2 bb adaptor is only £16. still, its fairly useless for me.. as the only network game i've got is xiii, and that has a maximum of around 12 players online at peek times.. attempt to get a online game at around 11pm monday-thursday and you'll find that no-one else is on..shite.
  10. when did i say or refer to them?! i might already have it.
  11. they can suck my cock. a demo for 20£?
  12. dear tony. i've been working out.. next time i'll fucking beat you.. YOU FUCKING WAIT.
  13. oh.. and this should be on a sticky.
  14. its fucking acers... more please.
  15. i loved what i saw of it.. pity the server reset and gave me half a file .
  16. with luck you might see a PAL version of "drill land" before 2006
  17. i didn't say anything bad about final fight.
  18. someone is going to be pissed when they find out it gets boring as hell after a weeks play. still. 60 quid eh?
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