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  1. flipnic is pure class, and its not hard at all to unlock the extra levels... for anyone doubting its simulation (where applicable) of real pinball, the table in the corner of the room says its spot on.. yes, this includes a ever so slight delay of the flippers..
  2. i bet, live bass - pre-programmed drums. i'd love to be wrong on the night. iambic 9 poetry is great btw - and it gets better? wowser!
  3. looks good!! http://www.londonsinfonietta.org.uk/cgi-lo.../ether2004.html
  4. agreed, scooter are indeed the vile puss filled sore on the side of music.
  5. naaaaaaaaah.. farm bought, I reckon. it ties in with the whole "wtf is he?" thing in last nights episode. i loved the bit with the helicopter blades slashing at the lift, one of the better episodes imho.
  6. you should get the ascii disko album, its electrotastic.
  7. didn't you do a mix with a load of underground resistance stuff on it a while back? i'd be interested in that if you still have it banging around.
  8. the dreamcast version? the dc version is hard due to it being utterly shit.
  9. I think what people fail to realise is that racing @ high speed is actually quite a hard thing to do.. to simulate this would translate into a hard game. You either relish this challenge or lash the disc in the bin and play burnout. A steering wheel and more realistic controls help thou.
  10. I actually quite like it. It definitely sounds more "grown up" than her earlier output.. maybe shes attempting to be the next madonna or something.. *shudder* britney being around for the next 15 or so years..
  11. take it to a music folder. edit:
  12. jeff mills gran


    jazzy, i'd say.. but not really straight-ahead jazz.. and yes, they are good.
  13. alan, is that related to this? quickly posted from my own notepad if theres some sort of logging i can turn on, then let me know (if its of anyuse to you) - i've managed to get it to bugger up at least 4 times now cheers. EDIT: duh, i guess it was. shoulda downloaded the newer version before hand. nothing to see here. move along.
  14. jeff mills gran


    for a second, i couldn't see it in the list.
  15. jeff mills gran


    *cough*a kind of blue*cough* ahh.. i see its already there.
  16. because the servers get full. And irc is more instant than a forum topic that has pages of "which server?" "what time?" "I can’t connect" "please help" messages.
  17. download mIRC, choose efnet as the irc network, select a server, join #edge.
  18. back on track (hohoh! Snigger!) - some of those shots look painfully jaggy.. Im just going to rock myself back and forward in my office and say "its not finished yet, its not finished yet"
  19. easy! just pick a random number >1 and <3
  20. i see that gt4 has the brew making sub-game i've always wanted.
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