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  1. He’s 7. Weirdly, he had a go on Fall Guys, lasted all of 5 mins and then wanted to play more Avengers!
  2. Have to say, my son is also loving it. Squeals of excitement when he pulls off some of the power moves. I’m also pretty impressed by it too. Like Marvel stuff but not into all the backstories etc and taking it just as a bit of superhero fun its great. Visually I think it looks fantastic in places and it does a good job of making you feel like a superhero whilst playing. Brilliant to sit with him whilst playing, he couldn’t get enough of it.
  3. I know what you mean, I’m almost considering having a separate card with just a selected few titles on, help focus on playing a single title for longer than 5 mins. Hadn’t played RR Type 4 for years, genuinely surprised at how well it still plays.
  4. It’s no advert mate, I’m just genuinely really impressed with it. Sorry, I thought it may help anyone who was on the fence with getting one... like I was.
  5. Picked up the RG350M the other day after hearing not a bad thing said about it. What a lovely bit of kit. As many have already said it really does feel great in the hand, well built and very tactile. Love the little clicks from the shoulder buttons... very neo geo. The twin sticks really are some of the best I’ve used. Emulation wise, super impressed. Especially GBA/SNES, neo geo and PS1. Playing the likes of R Type Delta, Einhander, RR Type 4 etc... man, just brilliant and they run so well. So cool playing these on a handheld that looks as good as this does. Screen is
  6. Hey guys, Just about to hit buy on an RG350M and wondered if any of you who have one use it with a MacBook Pro on Catalina? Any issues with them talking to each other or is it just a case of dropping files on through a card reader etc? Thanks in advance, Si
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