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  1. Gosh the Miyoo Mini really is... mini. Question: I initially used my phone charger to charge it, but it got really hot. After some research it seems there's a lot of talk about only using 1A chargers. Is this true or is it just Internet Nerd Rumours?
  2. Won a Miyoo Mini V2 for £70, which I'm happy with. Really looking forward to it, given the impressions here.
  3. FWIW I played this about 20 years ago when the fan translation came out and I seem to remember loving it. Take from that what you will!
  4. I'll add to the data and say I thought NMS was shit at launch, and it's even shitter now
  5. Refunded this. The lag, tearing and general half-arsed nature of it all is just too much. They did this better with the PS1 Namco Museum games, for god's sake.
  6. I don't mind that he hadn't heard of the games, but he then used it as a negative in the review. It's not the products fault he's a yank!
  7. His review of the C64 mini was crap too - despite being a "C64 expert" he'd not heard of most of the games. Plus wasn't there something where he got hold of a (potentially) rare prototype pc, and treated it like shit?
  8. That was shit. It felt like series 7 onwards of Red Dwarf, just totally missing the point of the originals. It felt like the Matrix games, that's how shit it was.
  9. Fake cheese, fake bacon, strangely mushy. I bloody love them. My hands are covered in cheese dust. Delicious cheese dust.
  10. It's because whoever is in charge isn't a designer. They're not saying "What impact will adding this mechanic have on the rest of the world?", they're just adding things they think sound cool or unique. Then these systems are exploited, or interact in unexpected ways, and break the game. Star Citizen is the antithesis of good game design. Adding dumb minutiae rather than focussing on the core loop.
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