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  1. Unless you set up a pass through to your GPU (hard), you'll have poor performance in a VM. As people say, Proton is your best bet, unless you want to play games with anti cheat. I applaud the move to Linux though, it's a good OS.
  2. Terminator was surprisingly decent - great, in fact, if you're a fan of the series. As a Robocop fan I'll be all over this.
  3. I bought Ecstatica from my local games shop, and the man laughed at me for some reason. I thought I'd accidentally bought some sort of porn game or something, I felt quite embarrassed.
  4. Dosbox X is also a good shout if you want to set up a virtual Win95 gaming instance
  5. Starship Titanic works on ScummVM now, if anyone's interested in trying it again (it's not as obtuse as I remember, but you do need a guide).
  6. I'm excited for it having played the demo, but I can very much appreciate it's only going to appeal to people who played it originally. It's unchanged essentially.
  7. Now they're bringing this to Shield, I should be the perfect audience for it. Don't have to turn on my pc, perfect for a quick go while not busy, lovely. But I just looked at the price plans and it's a hard nope from me. The free games are... underwhelming, and having to pay full price to buy a game to stream is ludicrous. I should be champing at the bit to play this, but I'm totally turned off by the pricing model.
  8. If they bring this to Android TV/Shield I'll be all over it. I already tried it sideloaded, and it worked, but official support would be amazing.
  9. I played through CE with the anniversary graphics and didn't mind them at all, but then I've never been fussed about that kind of thing.
  10. But it's next to my couch... People go on my couch, objects go elsewhere.
  11. My coffee table cost £5, and can hold most objects easily, including children's snacks and... airpods?
  12. Season 2 was very very silly, but I do like a giant train, so... bring on Beantrain season 3.
  13. Just got past episode 7 Wonderful telly, even without the great production values and writing, it would be worth it for the cast alone.
  14. I'm on the verge of buying one, but it's shipped from the EU - do we get surprise-customs-shafted nowadays?
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