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  1. Yeah this is lovely. Reminds me of Dark Forces and things of that era. Unfortunately that does (as mentioned above) include the slightly confusing map design. Luckily the levels are pretty small so it's no big deal. My only other complaint is that it's a bit pickup-happy. There's stuff everywhere. Still a great game though.
  2. I'm buying this, and I like Zelda, but I'm not buying Zelda. I don't know what this means, other than I just ruined someone's Venn diagram.
  3. Paratha are ace. Essential for any curry.
  4. Cam car all day long. Knew he was there, still drifted wide.
  5. Sounds like The Joe Schmo Show. Season 1 was great, didn't see the rest.
  6. I pretty much just sub to LGR these days. He's very wholesome and knowledgeable. If he ever turns out to be a nonce or something I'm going to live in the woods.
  7. I accidentally bought the sequel, then thankfully noticed Before The Coffee Gets Cold is 99p right now on Kindle
  8. Wow, fuck this game. Managed to scrape first on race 2 on NORMAL. Been overtaken on the final bend while boosting so many times. It's like there no reward for getting it right, and you just kind of have to hope you'll fluke it.
  9. Oh shit finally! I've had the CDs sat in a drawer for years, but obviously no cd drive. Brilliant game.
  10. Everyone is right about M3gan. It's like a misinformed AI made a horror film. Rubbish.
  11. Lol, thanks, should have checked! Not afraid of tinkering, I'm a veteran when it comes to niche electronics with poor user experience!
  12. I know this will be answered somewhere, but it changes so often - could someone say where the best place to currently buy a RP3+ is, delivered to the UK preferably with no hidden tax? Thanks
  13. Sometimes I remember how I almost bought a Jaguar instead of a Playstation and it genuinely gives me the chills.
  14. I knew it was true but I needed to hear it from someone else
  15. Any good Jaguar CD games? https://old.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/10vinug/bigpemu_jaguar_v105_publicly_released/
  16. I mean piracy is so convenient nowadays, that I'm basically subscribed out of courtesy. Punitive measures like this will just weaken any reasons I have to keep paying.
  17. Boy I sure do love this film. If nobody disagrees in the next... 13 hours... I'll just assume we all agree.
  18. It's the base version of The Resistance, on TV. If the tasks mattered in any way it would be infinitely more interesting.
  19. Oh well, I'll pick it up for peanuts in a couple of months when it's just the die-hards left in the thread, insisting it's a misunderstood gem.
  20. I saw a warm up of it. The underlying thing is ok, nothing like "WOW I CANNOT BELIEVE IT" but it's a clever and relatively heartwarming thing.
  21. Genuinely sad news. Easily the best Batman, and he seemed pretty nice to boot...
  22. I know I shouldn't, but... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1770440/Breadbox
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