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  1. I don't mind the silence so much as I worry about the pacing. As much as I love certain aspects about Bellville Rendez-Vous, I found the film as a whole really boring to watch - the rhythm of the pacing was just so off.

    I like this a lot so far though, in trailer format at least.

  2. Those are fantastic. Even though the extra marks you made on the woman were purely cosmetic I think it still makes the overall piece look better, seems to pop out a bit more, the light contrast picks her features out a bit more strongly.

  3. WOAH, so much great stuff :omg:

    Excellent work Emir, Swallow, c-cat114, GrannySmiths, rylee, BK/Suffocate Peon, jameskircough, cleandemon, minkee, Lozzyboo, heroes for sale, Pijen, Foz...and Gunstar of course!






  4. Nice work matt0, I like the little details like the grassy shadow and hint of sunlight on the arch. You could maybe even subtly apply that orangy back-lighting to the reptile and statue head in the foreground ^_^

  5. Nice! Do you have like a library of common assets like trees and cars built up from previous projects that you use to quickly create your environments, or do you do everything from scratch each time?

  6. Yeah I remember just after I graduated, Gobelins films like Le Building and La Migration Bigoudenn started popping up on the internet which were both awesome as well as a little deflating to watch, but those guys do work in small teams to create those films which is always an advantage - it took me a while to get it into my head that creating animated films on that scale was never meant to be a solitary pursuit.

    More importantly though, I realised that everyone has their own unique perspective on things, which is something that can't be matched, let alone 'outperformed' by someone else.

    By the way Fargal, you ever plan on going back to finish your film? Or have you left it as is and moved on?

    Oh and Gunstar, some wonderful colour choices on all your work these past couple of posts. :omg:

  7. Indeed, hope the interview went well Mr Miller, Rare would be lucky to have you on board.

    Beautiful work Gunstar, the Iron Giant stuff in particular is incredible! :ph34r:

    Here's some assorted stuff I've been doing recently:







  8. I'm always amazed when I pop into this thread for a quick browse every so often. Not just in the quality of the artwork but also all the great ideas and the variety of different styles... :ph34r:

  9. My 2nd Xbox broke earlier this week -__-

    If they're meant to be phasing out the Premium, what do you think are the chances of them sending me back a core or elite unit if I send them my broken premium...?

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