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  1. It was just a doodle in my sketchbook I decided to colour up. But yeah man, can't wait for SF4. Fake movie poster done for a sketch challenge:
  2. Minkee: Fantastic bunny designs, and great colour choices - so vibrant! Lozzyboo: I like the orangey mushrooms too, although that big brown flaky/textured one is my fave FargalEX: Great work as usual. The shadow cast onto the bottom half of the image is a nice touch Matt0: Excellent job on the tank in particular, the chunkiness of it is perfect. EDIT:
  3. That last area with the Hokusai-style crashing waves looks incredible I hope the combat gameplay lives up to the graphics.
  4. This is absolutely true, especially at all the bigger studios.
  5. Cool stuff Broken Klassic, I like the colours too I got my computer back from repair today, so I thought I'd try colouring in some of the pencil drawings I'd done while it was gone. It really needs a background, but I don't think I can be arsed.
  6. divine visitor


    Wow, those new pictures are looking great Did you manage to nail the story down in the end?
  7. This has probably been asked a million times before, but how do you go about creating your art? It's so amazingly unique.
  8. Dude, it looks great. Love the sky, especially. As for me, My home computer is busted so I havent been able to do much lately. All I got is pencil drawings.
  9. I think it'd be a good idea to think more specifially about what you want to do in the game industry, because it's now at a point where jobs are very specialised - a 3D artist will highly unlikely be doing any kind of animation beyond stuff like making a door open or something, as part of an environment he/she's built. The bar is high, so the more you focus on the area you're most passionate about, the better your chances will be. I'd also suggest looking for a course that teaches the raw skills, be it 3D art or animation, rather than any video games course.
  10. Argh, My eyes! It's all too awesome! Lozzyboo: Wicked line art, dunno how you manage to crank them out so fast either - super-productive! FargalEx: I trully LOLed at some of those drawings .... paint chat looks like mad fun. S.Squid: Great stuff. I can totally see that being worked up into a vector illustration. Gunstar: Damn! Those studies are so good...
  11. Great animatic, cut really well to the music Looking forward to seeing how this turns out - it's always nice to see some animation here in the Creative Design forum.
  12. Yeah, that's awesome minkee. Couk: Love that pic of the guy in the yellow car. Totally made me LOL for ages I don't get a chance to post here much anymore but here's a couple of recent bits and pieces:
  13. Back when I was a kid, I spent crazy amounts of time with Penguin Land for the Master System, and Micro Machines '96: Construction Kit for Megadrive. Both had really awesome level editors.
  14. divine visitor


    Due to various reasons I've pretty much only played three games so far this year (GTAIV, Smash Bros and Bionic Commando Rearmed), and I so naturally I've ended up thoroughly exhausting all the different modes, mini-games and side stories for each of them. I'm no completist though, I just keep playing a game if I'm enjoying it.
  15. There's been some really awesome work on here recently. Man, it's been ages since I last contributed to this thread. Here, have a doodle.
  16. Don't think these have been mentioned yet: Bionic Commando: Rearmed Ducktales Chrono Cross Panzer Dragoon 1 Super Mario Land Streets of Rage 1 F-Zero GX Saturn Bomberman
  17. Yeah, love the bathroom mirror portrait! Good stuff Ste.
  18. The amount of detail on that is insane!
  19. Some sketches on the train ride home. Trying to draw a bit more often. Sorry 'bout the poor quality - no scanner.
  20. I always wait until I can get a game for under £30, which is usually not too long after release. Also, I only play one game at a time (not including multiplayer stuff) so I'll also wait until I'm done with the game I'm currently playing before getting the next. I do enjoy all the hype and discussion surrounding new releases, but I also kinda like being able to experience a game long after all the hype has died down and have little or no preconceptions.
  21. divine visitor


    Oh, it's from Masaaki Yuasa?! I'd not even heard of it! Shows how 'in the loop' I am these days, haha.
  22. divine visitor


    Cool imagery dude, the citrus colours in your first pic are wild! Just out of interest, any particular reasons for choosing this idea? Is there anything in particular you're looking to explore from an animation or filmmaking point of view, etc. for example?
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