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  1. Viewtiful Joe, and Wario Ware - Both stood out so much from other games released at the time, like they are straight out of the early 90s or something. Luigi's Mansion - Has that ol' Nintendo charm written all over it. Perfect in every little way, with such attention to detail. Perfect legnth too, IMO. Oh, and F-Zero GX. - My jaw hit the floor when I played it for the first time. So beautiful. So much detail. So fast yet so smooth. How do you do it Nagoshi-san?
  2. Nintendo published it themselves in Japan IIRC, so I guess if it was gonna come out over in America or in Europe, it would've done so by now - which it hasn't. Shame really, as it is still one of the best looking GBA games around, IMO.
  3. My opinion is that Nintendo are just as good today as they always have been, but they also exactly the same as they always have been. I think they need to re-invent themselves like Capcom seem to be doing at the moment with their onslaught of fresh, new gaming experiences. Sega too, during the DC era took a more different, more massmarket approach, and their output was fantastic.
  4. Aw man, I was looking forward to the NES collectors feature in Edge. I don't wanna spend another £5 just for that.
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