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  1. They're not really doing a very good job of selling this to people, are they? The lucky dip principle doesn't work for games - people kinda want to know what they're buying.

  2. I thought HiT was hilarious! I was totally laughing out loud at some bits. The sound effects alone were awesome. :) At 6 minutes though there's a lot there that could've easily been cut out, making for a much clearer and more concise film. Man, that must've been a lot of hard work!

    World War was amazing from a 3D skillz point of view. Clearly the man has a bright future as a CG artist.

    If I'm honest, all the films here seem to suffer a bit in their pacing. But the standard of character animation is top notch - yours is obviously a really good animation course. :(

  3. Just finished this slightly cartoony portrait of a friend of mine. Been trying to teach myself to work a bit better with colour. Happy with the results so far.. signifigant improvement on some of my god-awful painting from years ago!

    Haha, reminds me of Metal Slug for some reason :angry:

  4. Looks kinda awful, but I'm so glad they're making it. I miss these types of throw-away arcade games, especially the ones Sega used to do.

  5. For me the storyline is perhaps the most important aspect of the single player experience. Followed by gameplay, graphics and etc. I find myself suffering through games with little to no or poor storylines. Though if the gameplay is excessively good -like really fucktastically awesome -then I can usually bare with the lack of story and enjoy the game for what it is.

    When I talk about storyline I don't only mean the plot but also the dialog, characters, plot, messages, depth, etc. All those and more factors add up to make the whole for me.

    Since I havent finished it yet I can't comment on the actual storyline, but I thought the situation and context under which the events of the game play out was/is remarkable, and incredibly unique. They could've easily made it just another game set during a certain period. I totally agree that the lack of intergration with the world (ie, can't really do much in the towns, no disractions, minigames, very little interaction with NPC characters, etc) spoils the illusion a little, and makes it all a bit shallow. Although, I do think Altair is such a cool character.

  6. I recently started playing this, and am finding it really enjoyable actually - even moreso than I thought I would. I still agree with the criticisms about the repetitiveness and stuff for the most part, but I do think it's been blown out of proportion a bit. I guess the crazy amount of hype this game got seems to have dissapointed people so much from what was promised, that they naturally feel very strongly about it. It's a shame because it does do some very cool, unique and even groundbreaking things in my opinion.

  7. I loved the original Shenmue games at the time, but I gotta admit I'd rather they didn't continue the series. If the whole story is as long and elaborate as we've been led to believe, I really don't think they'd be able to invest enough time, money and resources into it to be able to do it justice.

  8. I'm slowly making my way through Assassin's Creed, and after all the critisim it's recived I'm a little suprised to find I really like it.

    Yeah it can be repetitive, but it's not as if those bits actually play badly or anything. The graphics are stunning, the story is intriguing and unexpected, Altair is such a cool character, and even just running around and traversing the world is thoroughly entertaining.

    What I don't like is how you get spotted by guards and chased after while on your horse, even if you're walking by like everyone else, though.

    I guess my only other gripes are the missed opportunities; where the gameplay mechanics could have been fleshed out a little more, the story arc could have been handles a little better, and also where there could have been more little distractions, minigames, side stories etc. within the cities.

  9. Lumines Live demo. So satisfied with it, I didn't bother buying the actual game.

    Also, after playing the Bioshock demo at a friend's house, I was possessed to out and buy a 360, where beforehand I had absolutely no intention of getting one, ever.

  10. Reminds me of the king. Disc 1 of Panzer Dragoon Saga on Sega Saturn Magazine.


    Yeah. Crazy, thinking about it now. The entire first disc! :(

    Also, I played the demo of Sonic Adventure 2 that came with Phantasy Star Online SO much, but when the full game came out, I hated it. Wierd.

  11. Actually it's her screen.

    Fucking headache, too. Every time I paint a new bit in, I instinctively pick a colour that's a bit less purple and a fair bit lighter than it should be.

    It's probably good training for my eye, but it means everything takes a little bit longer.

    Might be worth painting onto a coloured canvas (based on the overall colour of the source picture, ie purpleish) rather than white, which can screw with your eye's perception of the colours you're looking at.

  12. I assume that they were only allowed to vote for games on Nintendo platforms? Because that otherwise that list is a bit rubbish.

    EDIT: Oh, Mega Man and Rocket Knight are Megadrive games. That list is rubbish.

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