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  1. Product placement in movies usually go right over my head, but Casino Royale was terrible for it - especially Sony phones, laptops etc and Omega watches.
  2. Great stuff dude. Great stuff.
  3. Its getting a lot better, but still has a long way to go I reckon. The Backbreaker footage looks really good actually, but the other one didn't convince me at all, especially the falling over/death stuff. Bodies just don't/can't work like that.
  4. So are the motorbikes and night-time stuff going to be free as well then?
  5. I must say I'm really liking all the stuff you put up in this thread, Minkee. Great colour choices on this one.
  6. Good facial animation and lip-sync is very time consuming to produce, and (depending on how stylised the character is) requires a pretty complicated facial rig to get a decent acting performance out of it. Both of these factors stand in the way of good lip-sync in games, especially if the schedule is tight - the in-game animation should be the priority, right? That's why the big budget games have separate animation teams for the in-game, and cutscene animation. God of War II had three teams IIRC, for in-game animation, in-game cutscenes and CG cutscenes. As someone mentioned there is software that will take the voice accents and sync the character's lips to make it seem like they're talking, but the result is generally pretty horrible, and the animators may not even have anything to do with this process.
  7. I dunno who's throwing money at whom. The song's called Fast Car so the music video kinda has to have fast cars in it. And it's probably a helluva lot cheaper to use the (gorgeous) visuals from Burnout than it is to create bespoke crazy CG car stuff from scratch.
  8. The front of this month's Edge looks better than the actual Euro MGS4 boxart. For shame, Konami.
  9. I'm in a similar situation with Devil May Cry 4. A mate lent it to me until GTA comes out (he's gonna trade it in), and even though I find it really entertaining when I do eventually stick it on, most of the time I just can't be arsed. It's not like I'm playing anything else instead either, apart from Smash Bros when people come round.
  10. Akira. Easily my favourite opening 10 minutes of any film ever. And I'm not even that big a fan of the film. Also, The Big Lebowski. Sets the tone of the film perfectly, and then the opening credits hit with the perfect music to accompany it. Great stuff.
  11. Out of curiosity, this morning I tried to play Super Smash Bros Brawl with the Wii remote-only config. Seriously, button A to taunt!!?
  12. Character design development and quick model sheet
  13. I've really liked Satoshi Kon's stuff up to now, especially Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent, but I didn't really like Paprika as much as I thought I would. Visually though, it's a miracle of hand-drawn animation.
  14. Some stuff from my sketchbook
  15. The new colours look great, stands out a lot more. There also are lots of clever things you can do with shot composition to help frame the character and keep it as the focus, such as playing with the light/shadow, and the formation of the clouds. Good luck with the film!
  16. I like the colours in the first one, definetely. In fact, I'd be tempted to up the contrast even more - bleach out the local colour even more, and make the shadows darker (and fairly colour saturated) to make it seem really really sunny.
  17. That's bloomin' fantastic, Loop. Great work.
  18. Previews, better descriptions and thumbnails of stuff you're browsing in the market place, like themes and gamer pics, even DLC. Also, I want the Shinin' skin for Lumines Live. Please Microsoft/Q Entertainment/Mondo Grosso. I'd trade all my other skins for it
  19. I swear Sega were even given a telling off by Anne Robinson on Watchdog for those '6 Billion players' adverts.
  20. Yeah, Wired/Chris Kohler's review says very similar things, actually.
  21. Smash Bros Brawl (multiplayer) and Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry feels like a PS1 game, but it's still pretty entertaining. And Smash Bros is superb, naturally.
  22. It's a single player game AFAIK. Certainly not MMO.
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