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  1. Not anymore really, come to think of it. I get most of my stuff online, and rarely on launch - maybe that has something to do with it?

    I'm pretty excited for Smash Bros, but I'm not running up the walls or anything.

  2. I love the Virtua Fighter series but havent really played any of them in-depth since VF4 ver. C, as it's such a time sink.

    Likewise Okami - I drooled over those screenshots and videos for about about 2 years back when I was a student, but by the time it was released I was working and just couldn't put the hours in :)

  3. I don't get Lego "insert cult franchise here" games. What's the point of them? It's not like they stick to the building-block nature of Lego anyway. Why not just make a proper Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones game instead, even a stylised one?

  4. I really liked the way that all of the seemingly arbitrary things you did in the opening millenium fair section of Chrono Trigger was then played back to you and spun to make you seem like a criminal. I didn't play too much of the game though, so I never got to find out if they fleshed the idea out at all.

  5. I'd say that with situations such as the little sisters in Bioshock where the choices that will affect the game are so blatantly obvious, the developers probably want you to go back (albeit from the beginning) and try doing it in different ways anyway.

    The games that subtly change as you progress depending on how you play through the game are more clever and are harder to narrow down to one or two particular choices, and so are harder to break through save/loading, too.

  6. I was playing Metroid Prime 3, but I started getting motion sickness from it this morning - about an hour into the game. I'm gonna try and carry on, but if I can't handle it no more, I'll have to give it up and go back to purple coin hunting in Super Mario Galaxy. :huh:

    C'mon 9th March....not long now till Smash Bros...

  7. I ended up using a dualshock2 for NiGHTS after trying the nunchuck, classic controller and GC pad. It felt a lot less sluggish and unresponsive, and of course it has the circley analog stick.

    Personally though, I felt the negativity surrounding the game was totally justified.

  8. Awesome stuff you guys, the last couple o' pages are pure gold.

    Love this in particular:


    I thought my cheapo graphics tablet had broken ages ago, but it suddenly started working again last night for some reason :s

    Did a few quick scribbles to test it out:



  9. How different are pastel pencils to working with regular coloured pencils?

    They're the same in that they're not very messy, can be sharpened until very fine and stuff.

    Normal coloured pencils are waxy though and can't be used in as many different ways as chalk-based pastel pencils. For example, you could draw over the top of any water-based paint such as acrylic or watercolours, to add another layer of detail with chalk pastels. You can make use of all the advantages of chalk-based pastels with these pencils, too - like smudging, blending colours etc.

    Oil-based pastels on the other hand might be good for something like a first pass of an oil painting.

  10. I luuuurrve (chalk) pastels. Have you tried pastel pencils? They might just give you the detail you're looking for.


    I havent had the opportunity to use natural media for a long while, but I used to enjoy planning out a picture with a simple pencil sketch and a watercolour wash, then switching to chalk pastels to get a bit more specific with my colours. Then once the main colours are in and I'm happy with the overall look, I'd pick out the details with the pastel pencils.

  11. Yeah, I didn't particularly have a massive amount to start off with but I've also been selling off/giving away loads of stuff I don't want anymore. The whole "one day I'll probably want to play this" thing doesnt really work for me, as my tastes have changed massively over the last few years.

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