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  1. Is there any permanent progression to this, or is it one of these half baked Indies that flatters to deceive. Or, expressed differently, does it grip you like something like Slay the Spire or Spelumky does?
  2. They have lost all the lunatics that were dragging them down. You used to get banned at the tiniest thing - you can see that madness has carried over to resetera where any deviation from whatever the party line is gets you banned. They've banned a hilarious amount of people. At least on Gaf you can say stuff without being nuked now. Much better as a result. You just have to inwardly disagree with what you read a bit more. It's quieter too, moves at a slower pace. Another improvement.
  3. GAF has gone from strength to strength since the resetera bunch left them. Much better IMO.
  4. Oh ok. Kickmen is a poor game. The humour masks a poor underlying game. I'd like a port of Sensi Soccer but no doubt it's lost in licensing hell.
  5. First post! Just to say that Kickmen game is rubbish. Not a good game, trying to get by with it's sense of humour. Awful music too. Avoid!
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