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  1. No, about him having an ego (because of the film business) and constantly needing the forum's attention. And liking Watchmen, apparently.
  2. Apologies. People have been comparing me to a banned forum member, Kerraig, all day yesterday. Got a DM about him being into film and such. I assumed you were referring to the same conspiracy theory.
  3. I now own both. I officially need to start managing my finances better (read: find out how to hide certain expenses from my wife). And, fuck me, modding a Go is a bit quick and easy compared to the Vita, eh!? I was literally done in minutes!
  4. Ah, yes, film. That niche, underground, unexplored, super specific and culturally irrelevant medium, art form and field of study.
  5. 300. It has its problems, but those were, ironically, basically lifted from the source material as well. As far as adaptations go, it's fucking stellar. You can sneer at the fact that it's also an adaptation and that this somehow detracts from Sneider's skill (or merit) as a director ("he just redid the comics!") but that would just show a severe lack of understanding of what it means to direct a film. It's speaking a completely different visual language, for one. You might not agree with his seemingly adolescent glorification of traditional, masculine virtues. You can even find his oeuvre a prime example of 'style over substance'. But to say that he doesn't have 'a semblance of talent'? Shit, that's just insultingly naive. (And I say this as someone who absolutely despises what he did to Superman. And who hated Sucker Punch with a passion.) He's no Paul Verhoeven, but he clearly understands his craft very well.
  6. Never heard of that game before but that's some sweet music.
  7. Cry mich ein river. What?
  8. Because he isn't the only party involved in this. If he didn't want this to happen, he should've done his best to hold on to the IP. Anyway, I have no quarrel with you supporting a looney, snake worshipping genius (although I do wonder why; are you perhaps a writer yourself?). I merely fail to see how the inevitable fact that a lot of people have only enjoyed Watchmen cinematically, is somehow evidence that the film should've never been made. (Anecdotal evidence ahoy, but: I myself know two people who picked up the graphic novel after seeing the film. Why would anyone wish for that to never have happened?) I don't think anyone's arguing that the film is as good as the graphic novel. That's literally impossible, considering the facts that Watchmen was tailor-made for that medium, had more room to explore its themes because of its episodic nature, and, of course, wasn't inherently derivative. No, what I and many others are saying, is that, despite the nigh impossibility of an adaptation being good, the film ended up getting an incredible amount of stuff right. Most importantly: most of the novel's themes and characterisation, but also a lot of its looks, and the juxtaposition between gritty nastiness and explorative introspection. I mean, shit, can you honestly watch the sequence about the birth of Dr. Manhattan without a chill running down your spine? That was better than it had any right to be, and it felt like it had literally lept from the pages. For every miscast, weasely looking Veidt, there are at least three perfect casting choices (Comedian, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan), and for every tacky, unnecessary sex scene there are at least a dozen of sequences that are well-made and unforgettable. This film was supposed to be shit. And it turned out to be a (somewhat tonally inconsistent but) incredibly solid adaptation. How anyone can see that as an overall loss, is beyond me. Unless, of course, one just has a personal vendetta against Snyder and this is the way to express that. TL;DR: It's gatekeeping because I fail to see how Moore's wishes are more important than the cultural enrichment of thousands.
  9. Well, that's super disingenuous. "I heartily recommend the superior source material" =/= "the adaptation should've never fucking been made!"
  10. Discovering this has justified my registration on this forum in one fell swoop. Cheers.
  11. - Setsuka's back for Soulcalibur VI - a fourth season + better online for Tekken 7 - Leo Whitefang's back for GG Strive + Nagoriyuki reveal (the black samurai that got teased at the end of the game's reveal trailer) + confirmed for PS5 Cool, cool!
  12. Thank you for your contribution.
  13. You don't know what gatekeeping means?
  14. 1. The film shows off this perceived heroism pretty damn decently as wel, with Dr. Manhattan eloquently agreeing with Veidt. 2. Veidt was never portrayed as the hero in the source material. Even saying 'arguably' is stretching it. The point was that the whole ordeal was so incredibly morally ambiguous and mechanically preposterous that it's almost impossible to judge whether it was good or not. Unless, of course, one has a moral compass as black & white as Rorschach's, that is.
  15. How is this insinuated gatekeeping an argument against the film's creation, exactly?
  16. I hope they do a sequel where you play as the alien's offspring (the Carnage to this game's Venom, so to speak). They could call it Carrion My Wayward Son.
  17. One of my favourite pieces of Dark Souls II trivia is that Burial — a pioneer of dubstep — once delayed a long-awaited album with the message (paraphrasing): "sorry for delaying this but dark souls 2 is about to come out so i really am going to have to play that a lot" Legend.
  18. This video adds further credence to a possible 'conspiracy' surrounding Nintendo, Plok and Yoshi's Island.
  19. Pffffft, what a shit image; it doesn't even feature Ash Lake.
  20. LOL Anyway, what's everyone's opinion on the film a good decade later? I still think it's a masterpiece, despite (or, maybe, because) its changes to better suit the medium of film. Not saying the squid wouldn't have worked, but by tying the ending into how the existence of Dr. Manhattan was already a catalyst for the acceleration of nuclear war, the film found a narrative and tonal consistency that really made its message shine the way it did. One of my favourite YouTube channels just did a reappraisal of its own, and I completely agree with it.
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