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  1. @deKaySorry I thought you were just making a joke. Apologies.
  2. Just finished this. Got pretty repetitive but enjoyed the storyline for the most part. Was playing on hard with perma death and was gutted when my favourites got killed off during the last few tough missions.
  3. Ummm…that was to represent her not being able to lip read when people turned away.
  4. Yeah that’s what I meant.
  5. Watched it. Felt like a grab bag of Bond moments and the tone was all over the place. It was enjoyable enough but entirely forgettable. Special award goes to whatever construction kept Paloma’s (or should I say Goodnight’s) dress on during her fight sequence.
  6. Its should be a rule…contribute to the thread when pimping your podcast. Any thoughts?
  7. Subbed. I don’t read any video game news these days..just wait for Hit Points, TCGS and rllmuk (which I’ve also just subbed to) to update me,
  8. I don’t understand why they had so much trouble drinking. My wife sat next to me deemed it impossible..I then downed the pint of water I had next to me in one go with my mouth open the whole time. Weird.
  9. I enjoyed Godfall for what is was. Bit bare on content for extended play but for a few hours for free it’s worth a try.
  10. Remember when the Weeping Angels were terrifying…they’ve gone Borg.
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