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  1. Just finished this. Really enjoyed it - missed a fair few sidequests and became a bit gun happy by the end. The integrated dlc, while being a good story, really had a lot of back and forth across the level. btw:
  2. Watched the whole lot in the past week..loved it.
  3. Surely that’s everyone’s fav scene..it’s certainly mine.
  4. So I turned on my evercade this morning and well....anyone else had this issue?
  5. I’ve never actually played these games for more than a few minutes. Looking forward to it.
  6. Love SWH. Played through in one sitting while in the throws of my own depression. It was perfect and really helped start my healing journey. Recommended.
  7. I ordered on Wednesday and received Saturday.
  8. Just rewatched a few of the best moments and wow it really was something up until the dire final two seasons.
  9. Any new suggestions? I'm on PC.
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