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  1. they don’t even look alike...lol
  2. Gemma Chan playing two different characters in the MCU - the hardcore are going to go nuts.
  3. That was fun but I can't help but feel we got a little side-tracked Sorry about the connection problems - still not sure what was going on with my mic.
  4. It’s part 9 of 10...they do have to explain things at some point.
  5. I can see the attraction of buying a sealed game and opening it - nothing like that minty freshness. ...lol. It's a long running debate - a niche hobby full of mini niche. Don't get started on full set collectors and all the different flavours (at one point I owned multiple copies of Fifa on the vita from across the globe because of the cover designs....i dont even like Fifa)
  6. So Frasier as a continuation of Cheers..flop?
  7. Last time I played I died in the first session. Anyone can do better than that.
  8. What character sheets do I need to use?
  9. Personally I don't think it works with the tone of the film - Smart Hulk appearing would be a high note, but the end of the film was all about the low.
  10. it’s mentioned here as well as his other gripes... https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a843400/christopher-eccleston-marvel-dishonest-thor-the-dark-world/ and https://www.comicbookmovie.com/thor/thor-the-dark-world-alan-taylor-talks-more-deleted-scenes-and-potential-directors-cut-a89684#gs.ubbpac
  11. Well...there wasn’t a general tone at this point. This was only the second movie and it feels like it was retrofitted into the MCU at the last moment. The fight at the end was diabolical...our cinema screen was particularly dark so we couldn’t see what as happening at all.
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