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  1. I hate Ryan Reynolds and his slightly too close together eyes, yet I also love him.
  2. It’s the new version.
  3. Um. It was in response to capwn. Hopefully that explains it.
  4. Watch the film or just a trailer. It just joyful, funny, makes reference to loads of stuff I recognise, has a sweet emotional core and it’s just fun. It’s just fun. IMHO.
  5. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp For some reason I’ve never seen this before…it’s a masterpiece. 10/5
  6. How much should I be asking for an oculus 64gb, comes with case and lead for connecting to the pc? Forum rates.
  7. Looking forward to a rewatch.
  8. Enjoyed this. My main issue I think, is that the style of animation really lacks energy, it feels quite flat
  9. He seems to bring out the best in other writers though so there were always a few really great episodes which justified sitting through the tripe. It’s descended to new lows since he left
  10. Yep! Be careful,what you wish for,
  11. got different speakers that work. Happy days.
  12. Winged it. Just used a needle when I got hit but I was pretty good at dodging.
  13. I’ve refrained from looking anything up yet…but that vampire can do one. Felt amazing when I got past her though.
  14. I picked this up on PS5 having missed its release first time round. It’s really rather good. I’m still early on..just entered the position mines..but really rather enjoying it,
  15. Haha. Bellend..you once called me a cunt on a livestream..I can take it.
  16. New tcgs is up…the “advert “ is perhaps the worst thing I’ve ever heard on a podcast
  17. Really loved this. It's right in my top tier.
  18. can you recommend the audio interface you use? Its annoying the volume is on the back of the speakers.
  19. Yep looks like its the speakers as I plugged in something else and the player outputted at a reasonable level. To amazon...
  20. Line on the turntable, what switch on the speaker? Input is to switch between cable and Bluetooth.
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