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  1. Hello gamers. Hope you all doing well. I was not here for a long, but I'm still uploading retro stuff like crazy. Do you remember the first Worms game release ? I've just made a longplay of this popular hotseat game. We played hours behind a one PC back in the days. I really miss those times.
  2. For sure, C&C and AoE are diamonds of RTS genre. I remember I was in love with AoE2 campaign when it came out in 99. Yeah, I will definitely play the Quake remaster on my channel. Civ 2 was my most favorite one from the series. Civ 5 was not bad, but the new Civ 6 is not much of my style.
  3. Ok guys, I acknowledge your criticism, please accept my apology. So lets try to discuss a bit. I would like to ask, whats your most favorite (iconic) pc games from the past ? For me, its: 1. Gothic trilogy (mainly Gothic 2) - for perfect work with AI, original story-telling, authentic vibe & quests variety 2. Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven for the complexity of RPG elements, weapons (armors, items) variety & huge open-world. 3. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for unrivaled multiplayer & complex chess-like tactics. 4. Diablo 2 - for its atmosphere, well-designed action & coop multiplayer. 5. GTA San Andreas - for many sophisticated mechanisms, interesting story-line & perfectly designed open-world.
  4. I am sorry guys, but I am really not so talkative individual. Maybe thats the reason why I'm recording only No Commentary videos. Edit: Maybe drop some questions, so I could answer
  5. You are right guys. I apologize I am not so "social-active". I'm just trying build my channel, every day uploading videos & have so less time. Feel free to ask me anything. I have a long description in community page & About page on YT. Thank you all for support.
  6. Appreciate your support guys. Here is my new special video (Soundtrack Remix of Tyrian Music)
  7. Darhkwing: Hi there ADH How are you ? Glad to see ya here
  8. Hi there gamers ! My plan is to beat all pc games I remember from about 20-30 years ago. Mainly, I want to create an archive of pure walkthroughs without disturbing by any voice commentary, but I will also try to publish special series with reviews, commentaries etc. Hope you'll enjoy my content Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/OldNerdPlayingOldPCGames You can support my channel by subscribe, like or comment. Thank you
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