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    I’ve been at that boss so many times I think I’ve got a mental block on it now. I fall apart at that last pattern every single time. I must try and 1CC it before it’s time for me to sell on all my arcade stuff.
  2. In my opinion PS5 games get fully aboard the hype train. They also sometimes have online communities that may or may not stick around, or possibly leave you behind if you're not with them on day 1. PS/Xbox price drops are incredibly erratic, the number of times I've bought a game only to see it plummet in price within weeks has left me cold. I feel much more likely to be stung on them. I take comfort in knowing that my Nintendo games are going to be same price at the end of the console life as they were when I bought them. If I ever needed to resell games I can recoup most of my m
  3. Interestingly Nintendo who sit in the middle with "We'll sell our games for £40-45, but never drop them" just keep shifting those units like you wouldn't believe. It helps immensely that Nintendo first party titles are generally incredibly well made, but it's also the model that sits best with me as a consumer. I never feel like I need to buy the games day 1, but also waiting likely won't save me more than a few quid ever so I just pick up the games as and when I'm ready for them.
  4. I'll see if I can give it a go. Always looking forward to another GG game.
  5. How do the shorter combos feel? One of the things I really love about GG is the long chaining combos. I've gotten pretty good at them with Sol over the years of playing all the iterations. I'm not sure how I feel about shrinking them down, even if they do the same damage.
  6. I totally see where you're coming from. If I'm not having it day 1 then I'll just wait until the price drops way below what my day 1 price would have been.
  7. I just started playing this after buying it for £25 on Amazon. I thought it looked a bit shit but this thread convinced me to try it. Holy shit am I not disappointed. It’s bloody superb. Only played a few hours so far but I’m hooked.
  8. Thegamecollection.net have this for pre-order now for £30 including on next gen.
  9. I've not bought it because it's £70 and I generally have no issue spending whatever on games if I really want them. I've spent daft money on games before, certainly way more than £70, but I'm just not convinced I'll get the value I want from it. If it was £50 RRP and I could have had it for £40-45 it'd be sat in my PS5 now. I've no idea how many gamers there are out there like me, but I'll probably now wait until it's ~£30 now.
  10. Only if you programmed it with your feet while still attached to your twin.
  11. My personal favourite was Indiana Jones in Fallout 3:
  12. The only 1000+ hours game I can confirm is The Division on PS4 which is at just shy of 1100 hours. I reckon I might have done over 1k on the following: Championship Manager 03/04 Rome Total War Medieval: Total War 2
  13. Ready to Dispatch are terrible. The first news I heard on my copy of Psyvariar was getting a VAT fee from DHL about 16 months after I ordered it. Glad I ordered the JP version of Cotton Reboot for PS4, I ordered the PAL Switch version just the other day. Lots of these games seem to get a general release now.
  14. Series X is incredible, PS5 less so. Both make their respective predecessors look like they’re wading through treacle.
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