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  1. That's a great collection. I truly adore the Japanese artwork on MD games.
  2. Totally understandable. They’re also a pain to get TV units deep enough for them as well.
  3. It’s an expensive pursuit as Gorf says. But if you really can’t get a CRT into your setup then it seems to be a solid option a lot of folks are happy with.
  4. FromJapan have started up as a US proxy as well. There’s a few Genesis carts I’m after so might give it a go and will let everyone know what happens. May be a way of not having to pay £20+vat just to ship a bloody game.
  5. As a Jag CD owner it pains me, but there’s absolutely fuck all worth playing on it. The Jag on the other hand has at least 5 games worth playing on it which is comparatively loads.
  6. Yeah personally I thought SC5 was a pretty average game at best.
  7. We’ll never become the Silicon Valley of Europe because our competition commission makes any company that might look like it may actually compete with American companies sell chunks of itself every time it gets close. And I don’t see this merger/buyout creating jobs either Bobby….. that’s not how mergers/buyouts usually work.
  8. Yeah that’s worth a try. I’ve never had a Saturn that’s got a 100% reliable cart slot.
  9. Yeah the US market is just a monster. Even shipping from there is super expensive. Japan on the other hand is less accessible but much, much cheaper. I can’t vouch for eBay, but buying direct from Japanese sellers using a proxy, paying internal postage in Japan, fees to package and bundle the items, then onward shipping and taxes often still works out cheaper than buying directly in the UK on a lot of mid-priced games. This works out more so when buying in bundles and splitting shipping across all your items. I spent most of my gaming budget over the last couple of years doing just this and have had some incredible deals. It’s not easy to see often, but these games in Japan when not being sold in obvious places to westerners are dirt cheap. You can pick up an X-Men vs. Street Fighter in box with RAM cart in ok condition for about 4500 yen if you’re willing to wait.
  10. Yea the narrower areas are a right pain in the spuds 😆
  11. You could try Berserk: Guts’ Rage. Not a long game, but I enjoyed it. Some good shmups on the DC as well.
  12. phillv85


    Yeah, the emulator they use seems to have a few frames of lag by default that is added. If it’s released physically I’ll probably grab it, but if it’s download only I’ll do what I did with Elevator Action Returns and just stick to playing it on Saturn.
  13. phillv85


    Edit: No idea why I’m so happy, I already have it on the Saturn, but….
  14. We’re (PAL regions) actually in a bit of a dip from all time peak prices at the moment. Not sure we’ll get back to where it was pre-pandemic, but looking at average selling prices on pricecharting for a bunch of console libraries and also seeing (and buying) higher end games for a little less than they were previously. If you’re holding NTSC-U games at the moment then you’ve won the lottery, their prices have gone batshit and even with a dip on some systems, prices are stupidly high.
  15. Looking at my currently outstanding pre-orders, only three currently: 1. Grimgrimoire Oncemore 2. Rayz Arcade Chronology 3. Shikigami no Shiro II I’ll probably give Redfall a go if it comes out on GP with a couple of buddies. Interested in Starfield as well.
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