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  1. As a lucky bastard who has both, for me the Series X is edging it (due to game pass). Both consoles are leaps ahead of their respective previous consoles in terms of speed and graphical fidelity. These consoles genuinely feel next gen to me. I was surprised and I wasn’t even intending on getting them right away. I wish the scalpers would just fuck off now so everyone else who wants one can get online with their own.
  2. I'd love to know how many are actually selling though, and how many are just being 'won' by vigilante ebayers.... like this one for £56,400. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PlayStation-Disc-5-console-UK-New-In-stock-now/265019903556?hash=item3db46ace44:g:~9sAAOSwDcNf4ffC
  3. Are people still buying from scalpers, or are they just going to be sat on a pile of them? Surely the time has passed that someone would spend £800 with Christmas gone?
  4. Star Wars Battlefront had loads of content available if you bought the Season Pass for just £40.
  5. I’ve finally ‘finished’ Skyrim. By that I mean I’ve completed the main aspects of all the DLC’s and the main story quests along with a whole load of side quests. I may go back for some more on it, but I’m finally at a place I’m happy with. I played it originally on the 360 and my save got bugged on one of the main quests so I could never finish it. Did this on Series X and the rapid loading made it so much better.
  6. I love that people who probably haven’t played some of these games for the best part of a decade are whining about this. God bless the internet.
  7. I must have had an RGB tele in 97 because I had a chipped PS and had to get a SCART cable to play copied imports in colour.
  8. Started the year all fighty. So far I’ve been through two beat em ups, started Dead Cells as well, what a game that is. January Streets of Rage 4 - Xbox Series X (via Game Pass) Paprium - Sega Mega Drive Skyrim - Xbox Series X (via Game Pass)
  9. Thanks, it looks like I'll have to just read your battle report!
  10. What time are you expecting it to boot off? I might jump on and watch, it’s fascinating how technical it all is.
  11. Yeah it says 1601 models are no good, but I popped the cart in without even thinking yesterday and it worked fine.
  12. I got my copies of Paprium yesterday and had a few games on it today. It’s ok, certainly not SOR2, but it’s a decent game.
  13. To throw a curveball at this one, the Series X is hands down the biggest improvement on quality of life I’ve ever seen. It’s slowly been getting worse as consoles have more and more stuff on their home screens, and it’s all got rather bloated and sluggish, but this generation everything is so much faster than my PS4, I must have put thousands of hours into retro consoles over the past 7 years because I couldn’t be arsed turning on the PS4 only for it to need to update whichever friggin game I wanted to play then the PS4 needed an update, then it’d take 10 minutes from the updates to actually h
  14. The Series X makes my PS4 feel retro. My poor little mind is blown by how fast it all is. Aside from the enormous downloads it’s almost like the good old Mega Drive days for how quick loading into games is.
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