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  1. 4 minutes ago, Skull Commander said:

    Did anyone play the third game in the series? "Wolf of the Battlefield" (Commando 3) came out in 2008 on Xbox 360 (and I presume Playstation). I can't be sure but I'm sure it was a Western developed title (or if it wasn't it certainly felt like it) and took the same style as Mercs but not as good. There are three characters, all based on 80's action movie stereotypes and you could have simultaneous 3 players, much like Mercs. 


    Unfortunately it the art style never really did much for me and although it could be kind of fun, it really felt like it had been developed as a stand alone product with the Commando branding slapped on after. Like many games of the era it has twinstick controls which work quite well and the action was relentless and suitably difficult. My daughter used to always want to play 2 player when she was younger but it's been a while since I've given it a try. I'm not even too sure if it's backwards compatible, but will check tonight. 


    Yeah I gave it a try, it was on the Capcom Digital Collection or whatever it was called. I didn't really get on with it, it looked a bit like Mercs but didn't really feel like it.

  2. 1 hour ago, ImmaculateClump said:



    Was it the rubik's cube boss on loop 2 by any chance? That got me one time as well. Once you're powered down, that fight can last for ages!

    Haha yep, that’s the one. Just takes forever and I got impatient and careless.

  3. Yeah I found the first 5 minutes to be rock hard, then the difficulty fell off a cliff when power ups started happening. The only time it gets hard now is if I get clumsy against a boss and power down too much, otherwise it’s a doddle.

  4. Just started playing Drainus on the Switch....


    What's everyone's view on it? First impressions for me are that it's a bit naff. I will continue for now though, I'm only a few stages in.

  5. The original is still a solid game, the shooting is a little unsatisfying, a bolter should be taking chunks out of enemies but a regular ork will take 15 hits to die. The melee action has lots of crunch though, chain swords feel how I imagine a chain sword should and the storm hammer makes mincemeat of enemies. I played through it recently on PS3 and it is very brown, but then it’s a ruined forgeworld in the 40k universe.

  6. 2 hours ago, ImmaculateClump said:

    I think the best thing you can do is to NOT support these limited run releases.
    Publishers are cutting deals with these companies in which the digital versions of the games get held back to maximise the sales of the physical.
    Don't support them and they'll go away.


    Consoles are all region free nowadays.
    Import from Japan or buy Japanese digital, the game still has English text.


    You have to get out this collectors mindset.
    This is a company selling you something with artificial scarcity which you don't need for a profit. That is what you're supporting.
    With all due respect, you only need one version of the game and that's the version you're going to play.


    Sorry if that sounds a bit blunt, and obviously you don't have to justify your purchasing decisions to me, but I really don't understand why people feel duty bound to support these companies.


    I remember a lad that doesn't post here any more buying every shmup on the switch to "support the genre", to make sure more games got released on the switch, regardless of their quality. He'd buy crap he knew he didn't like!

    Is it just me or are people losing their fucking minds?

    I wasn’t aware it was a limited release, assumed it was just getting a full retail release. In that case I won’t be buying it, I only buy games getting full physical retail releases. I don’t mind a retail release sitting on my shelf unplayed because I bought Japanese, but a LimPrin one just defeats the object.

  7. Fucks sake, it’s coming out in Europe physically? 

    My Japanese copy is on the way so I’ll have to double dip for a game I already have the bloody Saturn version of. It’s hard supporting niche releases sometimes.

  8. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Eschatos is up for pre-order on Strictly Limited Games. Also contains Judgement Silversword on the disc.

  9. I won’t buy anything from EA, initially due to the sham that was the first Battlefront game where you’d seen it all in about an hour without spending the same money again on a battle pass or whatever shite it’s called. Then loot boxes became ubiquitous in their games and it was another reason not to buy from them. 

    It’s probably a strange hill to die on because they’re not the worst company out there, but Battlefront really, really pissed me off. I’d quite like that new Jedi game but I won’t buy it or play it by other means. 

    I’ve not bought anything from Ubi since the scandal made big news, but it’s not been that hard as most of their games I have between zero and mild interest in. 

    I was boycotting SNK because of the Saudi link, then I got bought KoF15 for my birthday, and with them now being a substantial share holder in Nintendo I’m really pissing in the wind trying to avoid them. 

    Hogwarts was an easy pass for me, I’ve never been interested in Harry Potter.


    ActiBlizz I don’t have much interest in. I did buy a second hand copy of Diablo 3 last year, I might buy Diablo 4 when I gets cheap. Again, only a passing interest so I’m not Day 1’ing any of their stuff but more because of my taste than their history.


    All in all, I’m probably a bit of a hypocrite on the situation, fair play to those who stick by it though, I salute you. 

  10. Yeah you can refill everyone with the yellow health boxes in original mode. 

    Also, when you complete original mode the ending shows you where all the secrets are within the game. Most of them are burned into my memory from back in the day.


    Had a go on the arcade version today. After playing the MD version and learning a load of little hacks, going to the arcade game removes a chunk of them so I need to relearn some of the bits I’ve gotten used to just running past.

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