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  1. Yeah the NesicaX Live and All.net services are brutal. Although the op’s no longer have to pay for the hardware, so there is less risk on a big title actually being shit.


    One of EXA Arcadia’s main selling points is that the operator gets to keep all the money.

  2. Just had another run and died after the stage 3 mid-boss, lost my tank by getting a little gung ho and it’s hard when there’s two tanks firing at you on foot and a couple of guys throwing grenades. 

    Managed to get 2 of the 50k point bonuses on the second stage, if you get the doll quick enough it’s 50k, otherwise 5k, then the frog that goes down with the bridge when it gets blown up.


    My high score so far: 329580

  3. MK9 was great from what I remember. Mortal Kombat 2 is still my favourite. The fatalities on that at the time were unbelievable to 10 year old me. I’m also hugely nostalgic for the first game, when we found out the blood code it was a great time.

  4. 7 minutes ago, MagicalDrop said:


    Sorry to veer slightly off topic but I almost chose Magicaldrop III, purely to reference my username. I still play it a LOT but stuck in a score rut of c. 37000. I might start a topic on that game for some tactical chat. 


    Anyhow congrats on MVS ownership, I used to own a cab with both those games too. 

    Thanks! It was my first, and now my last cab. Please do start a topic, I’ve still never 1CC’d the Challenge mode despite coming close a few times.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Colonel Panic said:

     Nah, it emulates all the extra hardware on a chip inside the Everdrive. So it doesn’t even need the MCD2! Maybe not quite what you were looking for! 😄

    Haha no, not quite then, but it does make any ODE solution pretty much obsolete.

  6. Are there any ODE options for the Mega CD? Particularly the Mega CD 2. I have one with a dead CD-ROM that I wouldn’t mind getting back to being useable, but I don’t need it to have a working CD drive as I have a Mega CD 1 and Multimega.

  7. On 06/01/2023 at 09:27, reef said:

    Anyone still not had their subscription copy delivered (UK based)? No sign of mine but not sure if there are strikes at the moment / reasons for me not to contact them yet. Thanks.

    Not had mine yet either

  8. I’ve set up my PS2 again as my game room is taking shape, just had an afternoon playing some Capcom vs SNK 2, which is sadly only 50hz it seems, and some Marvel vs Capcom 2 (in 60hz). What a time for fighting games that it was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

  9. I backed Paprium in 2012, finally got my copies of the game in 2020 I think it was. That was a real drama, then the developer re-emerged with a kickstarter and restarted the whole drama.


    As for future collectibles I always keep an eye on:

    SMT or Persona mainline games

    Shoot 'em ups (particularly CAVE games). Sadly with many of these you have to be ready to drop money on a moments notice with the limited print companies.

    Big name titles from Limited Print companies that stay limited and don't get released in other regions.


    I agree with 3DS games becoming sought after, I've picked up almost every game on the system I want now I think. Wii U full set collecting seems to becoming a thing as well now, must admit I thought about it, but fortunately stopped after getting the good games (and some crap) and not wanting to buy another 80+ games just for owning them's sake.


    I'll put my neck out and say evercade carts may become collectible in the future. The licensing deals will likely expire on quite a few of them and they'll go out of print. I think full set collector's will drive up the prices.



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