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  1. Hori RAP for me as well, again, may not be considered top tier for the price but they just work for me.
  2. Bloody hell, that’s plenty of variety. It’s such a good looking game as well. I found playing a little slower has helped me loads. I think I used to just try burning through the stages and failing miserably.
  3. I've just had a try on Probotector on the MD and it's not actually as hard as I remember. Granted I only got to the second stage, but if I spent enough time I'd definitely be able to learn the enemy patterns. I'll spend some more time and see how far I can get. How long is the game?
  4. phillv85


    Yeah they're pretty nasty. I tend to buy a few games from them if I'm getting something. Usually if there's something I'm mildly interested in but there's nothing else I fancy at the time I tend to just let it go. The CAVE releases will be a different story though I think 😅
  5. All this talk is making me want to play Probotector 😅 I'll probably stick it on, game over after 3 minutes then turn it off again. These games were definitely aimed at people who didn't have access to lots games back in the day. I'm so pleased they are done like that though, some of the Mega Drive games I've mastered I'd never get to do now due to time constraints and having zero attention span.
  6. 🕹 High Score Day #72 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://highscoreday.com
  7. I've cancelled my PLAY subscription after they sent the last issue out in their stupid paper envelopes and I ended up with multicoloured paper mache. I asked for the mag to be resent only to be told it was out of print and they'd extend me one issue. Absolute fucking garbage.
  8. phillv85


    https://limitedrungames.com/blogs/news/limited-run-games-unveils-33-new-physical-releases-at-lrg3-summer-showcase TL;DR - Dodonpachi Resurrection and Espgaluda 2 coming to Switch plus more stuff
  9. I've just had it with my latest issue of PLAY. Came drenched, complained, they told it was out of print and they'd extend me by a month, probably going to cancel my PLAY sub.
  10. Neither of my AES consoles (unmodded) play nice with my Sony PVMs. They’re fine over composite, but connect them to a BNC to SCART with its own sync and it won’t give a stable picture over RGB.
  11. I’ve not pre-ordered this either, it’s a little too rich for my tastes.
  12. Granada looks ace, it's currently sat at my proxy in Japan waiting to be shipped. It's one of the MD games I'm most excited about getting my hands on.
  13. Interesting on your top 5 shooters. I feel like the MD is one of the few consoles where there's no definitive list of top shooters. I can't wait to see how Shmup Junkie ranks them. Even the PC Engine and Saturn I imagine most people's top 5's would mainly consist of the same ~10 games. I think mine would probably be something like: Fire Shark Tatsujin Zero Wing Gynoug Empire of Steel I imagine a lot of people would have Thunderforce games in their list although I don't really get on with them. And yeah, Gunstar Heroes is truly immense. I played it a bit as a kid but never bought it, I don't think I could ever complete the mine cart boss. It was mind blowing at the time, I guess it still kind of is when you consider what they did with on a 16 bit system.
  14. I must admit the anticipation of getting the games is a great distraction. It's probably worth doing once in a while, you can get some bargains, but really you need to ship quite a few things back in one go to really take advantage of the savings, otherwise the shipping just kills any discount. It's fun though and you get access to a lot more stuff, often in far better condition than we see over here. It definitely keeps the purchase buzz going quite a bit longer as well if it's that you enjoy (it is for me).
  15. It all falls down for me there. I buy the games one month through a proxy in Japan then shop them and pay the fees and duty the next. I won’t be playing these games until the end of June 🤕. Sounds like Indy is a blast at least. I doubt I’ll ever try it out due it having such a weird release.
  16. I’ve been very fortunate to mostly always have good mental health. However I do have my moments, and retro gaming is one of the things that can nip at it. I absolutely love buying games, every pay day is excitement. I build up to it a few days before looking at what I might want etc. Where it falls down for me is when I see a bargain, even if that bargain is a well priced copy of a bloody expensive game. It happened to me today, I’d pretty much spent my fun money for the month, but looking at Yahoo Auctions for a cheap Mega Drive game or two I see Elevator Action Returns for way below normal price, only 13 minutes to go. I put in a bid I’d be delighted to win it at, and 13 minutes later I’d won and that money is being removed from my account. This is something I often do, overspend a little. It’s not exactly destructive to my finances, but it does bother me. It’s a catch 22 though, I’d be kicking myself if didn’t bid, and now I’m annoyed at myself for bidding. As long as it stays where it is now it’s fine, I will just stop looking at stuff. If I didn’t stop looking though I might see something else I really want and then it could become an issue. As for WFH, I’m starting to miss working from the office. I do like WFH but I could do with going in once a week really. The problem for me is organising it so anyone else is there. I’ve been in a couple of times and nobody else from my team has been there and that’s worse than being at home for me. What I miss is just chatting with others, whether it’s about work or anything else.
  17. Interesting, I didn't realise that about MWIII, it's just one I never picked the PAL copy up of. Glad I went straight for the Japanese copy. It's amazing how often they did cheap things like that. From what I've read it was often due to the rental market in the west being allowed and flourishing. Some games (like Bare Knuckle 3) they completely changed the difficulty, others they just stuck cheap bosses in that often saw difficulty spikes in games.
  18. Have you got pictures? They're often called spade terminals or spade crimps.
  19. After not touching NTSC-J MD games since I started collecting games in 2009 I've finally started collecting them. My Japanese collection will mostly be to complement my PAL collection rather than replace it. The Mega Drive was my first console so I've got huge amounts of nostalgia for it and playing the games in 50hz feels right because it's all I knew as a kid. I did get Bare Knuckle 3 and FotNS to improve on my PAL copies though as SOR3 is too bloody difficult and Last Battle is shite, adding Kenshiro and the gore makes it tolerable. Street Smart and XDR are both properly shite games, but I wanted to try them for myself
  20. Magical Drop 3 and Money Puzzle Exchanger. I can chill out playing puzzle games until my hands turn into crab claws.
  21. 🕹 High Score Day #60 - ❤️❤️❤️💀❤️ https://highscoreday.com never even heard of #4
  22. Wahey! 🕹 High Score Day #57 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://highscoreday.com
  23. 🕹 High Score Day #56 - ❤️❤️❤️💀❤️ https://highscoreday.com never would have got #4
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