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  1. The American market for retro has gone absolutely bonkers.
  2. I'm still discovering 16-bit games at the moment. I've been diving heavily into the Super Famicom library and have found a few corkers I've really enjoyed. GeGeGe No Kitaro, Sonic Blastman, the Great Battle games CB Chara, Combatribes. All really worth your time and very 16-bit. Some absolutely awful games as well, the Hokuto no Ken fighting games (HnK 6 and 7) are utter dross, but trying them all out is still fun.
  3. The Switch has kinda rescued this, but buying a game, getting into the house and being able to play it in under a minute rather than the 15 minutes to 9 hours it now takes depending on your home broadband speed. The PS4 is an absolute twat for it.
  4. I just had to check whether I had a DVD-ROM in my PC I don't, but I have a box full of them somewhere so I'll get one stuck in.
  5. Nice one, I never did get around to getting an NTSC-J PS2 despite having a stack of Japanese PS2 games.
  6. I've just ordered all the bits to give this a try. I think the PS2 I'm going to use this on is actually still in bits from the last time I tried to squeeze another week out of the laser. I guess I'll have to use my other PS2 to rip the discs for it however. Sorry if the info is already in there, but will this let me play my Japanese imports as well?
  7. Yeah it's totally bollocksed, I did all sorts with it to squeeze every inch of life out of it, but now it's well and truly knackered.
  8. I’ve tried a couple It may be the model of PVM I’m using. I’ve tried to eliminate it by using different Dreamcasts, different composite cables, RGB cables, two different PVM’s. Perhaps I should get a better quality RGB cable after all, the three I’ve used are all old ones.
  9. My DC really doesn't like my Sony PVMs. I get washed out colours over RGB, composite on my NTSC DC is horribly distorted and on my PAL DC over PAL-60 is totally washed out. The only way I can really play is PAL-50 . Anyone else ever seen issues like this? I don't really want to have to go up in the loft and get one of the JVC monitors down just for my DC.
  10. I grew up on 16 bit games, and I still find a lot of them are playable to this day, not just the AAA titles as well. I had pretty limited exposure to 8 bit titles, and it's those I really struggle to go back to. I find very few NES or Master System games a lot of fun outside of the big hitters like Nintendo first party titles and the Disney Master System games (there's a few niche ones from smaller devs, but mostly I'm not a fan).
  11. If can see how Yakuza isn’t for everyone, but to me it’s the ultimate game series. A serious enough story line to keep me going with all the laughs you could ever want from a game. I think it’s the only game series I’ve ever laughed out loud at.
  12. Hmm, this will be useful to the presumably millions of PS2 owners who kept their PS2's despite their lasers dying (me amongst them). Need to go to my mum and dad's when I can and see if I can dig out an IDE HDD from the depths of their garage.
  13. I've done the same thing for Xbox 360. Got ~40 complete in box games for under £100 over few different visits. It's very satisfying. I've got most of the expensive 360 games, so now I'm picking up the AAA titles I missed that cost £1-5
  14. I got a bunch of Japanese PS1 games recently and spent the best part of a week hammering Tenchi Wo Kurau II. I wanted to 1 credit clear it, and almost did it the third time I tried. After that I spent 3 days losing lives at stupid points and quitting. It turned out that I learned the game and got lazy trying to breeze through it quickly. When I took a step back and took my time again I managed to clear it. I forgot how epic the little PlayStation jingle is on startup as well. Umehara Kawase up next.
  15. RIP Yaphet Kotto He was in some great films, Running Man and Alien are two of my all time favourites.
  16. It's a self fulfilling circle. The games sell on their own merits regardless of RRP and Nintendo refuse to drop RRP on their AAA releases. Why would they drop their prices? Nintendo consoles have a very different ecosystem to the other mainstream consoles. Their users don't necessarily buy in day 1 (insert joke about PS5 and XSX here), many get the consoles years after release. When I was a kid I didn't look at how old a game was, I just saw an awesome game and wanted it.
  17. Monster Hunter World on PS4. Tried to get into this for some online play with friends, but it’s hands down the most pointlessly in depth game I’ve ever known. So many menus and yet all I felt I was doing was going to a place, hitting a monster until it died then going back. Not being able to do all aspects in co-op as well totally killed it for me. This was my second attempt at Monster Hunter games, not sure there’ll be a third.
  18. That makes perfect sense, a lot of their CPS2 games got a pretty limited release in the West. Original, blue cased Progear CPS2 boards are rare as hens teeth.
  19. My guess on the omissions are that they chose pre-CPS2 games
  20. I get so excited every time I see an Aliens game, it’s happening again now. Please just be Left 4 Dead with Aliens. Please.
  21. Sounds like competition might be easing slightly. Really good to see so many people actually getting their hands on one now. If fucking CEX stopped offering over retail for them I bet a lot of scalpers would start thinking twice.
  22. What? You’re not willing to smash a £250 Blaupunkt TV over someone’s head for the rights to buy said TV?
  23. The factor by 3 part is the cost of everything on top of salaries, including pensions and national insurance etc. At least that’s how I read it.
  24. Game pass for me has just meant a bunch of games I’ve got still in the wrapper on PS4 will forever stay in there. I’ve bought said games with the intention to play them at some point, but then when I got my Series X and Game pass a whole bunch of them were on there, and I’ve since installed them and tried them out. Games in the list include Dead Cells, Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2, Skyrim, Streets of Rage 4 and more. I’m not sure how it will affect future buying. Probably not at all as I am far too impulsive a buyer.
  25. I'm surprised to hear people's 360 controllers failed. I'm still using the same one I got with my original 360 back in like 2007. Yeah the rubbers are worn badly, but the pad still feels solid.
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